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    Runescape<br />Computer Games<br />.......<br />.......<br />.......<br />Thats about all =D

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    I like construction and ranged and melee and quests... Pretty much everything lolz XD
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    900-1000 I think...
  1. platiandar

    Do You Remember When?

    My least favourite memory was on my first ever account I finally got full mithril (laaaaaaaame) and I was walking through Falador and an evil person gave me a candle and told me to go down a hole, promising me money. Being the noob I was I went down and he told me to trade him the candle then he would give me the money. But what I didn't know was IT WAS THE MOLE LAIR! I lost most of my money (lol only 50k) and mith. I was so pissed that I didnt play for a week!
  2. My least fav is Ape Atoll! It is SOOOOOO EVIL! I also hate wildy, purely because as soon as I set foot in there i get reved.
  3. platiandar

    Zamy God Or Saradomin God

    Saradomin Ftw! >.<
  4. platiandar

    How Many Times Have You Been Hacked?

    Twice on my old account, none on the new one. First time was a virus, which I promptly killed. Then a couple months later my friend was able to guess my recoveries and got the account. After he gave it back I changed them strait away to random gibberish. Then two days later I was in falador and someone said they would make me rich and all I had to do was get a candle and go into the giant mole lair. So I did, then they said to give them the candle. I didn't know what would happen so I foolishly gave him it. After being eaten alive I thought I was cursed because I had lost my full mith (the good ol' noob days >.< ) I thought I was cursed
  5. platiandar

    New Skill

    I think the next skill should be Speechcraft. You could persuade NPCs to give you money, how much depends on your level. Could open up new quests. My second choice (and I know it has been said to death) would be horse riding. Third would be Business. You could run a business out of your house, hire employees, sell merchandise, even take bank loans!
  6. platiandar

    Chat Filter

    Hitler is blocked. HITLER! What, do they think that sayign Hitler will cause him to rise from the dead and bomb Runescape? Silly, Silly Jagex...
  7. platiandar

    Welcome Back Me!

    Ok so it has been about 6 months since I last posted in this blog... Welcome back me! I am less nooby now than last time, lvl 65 combat, 850k, drag long..... Still nooby tho. Nyway, looking forward to the Christmas party, cant wait to whip out the rune axe and chop. Castle Wars will be cool too. Platiandar out. PS..... SANTA IS STILL EVIL!!!!! :D
  8. platiandar

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    Yay for school holidays! I can actually make it to something! LETS PARTY! ^_^
  9. platiandar

    Clue Scroll Help

  10. platiandar

    Clue Scroll Help

    So I finally got a clue sroll, right. And im all like YAYAYAY!!! Then I see what it says.... "Observe: In the crate just north of the stairs leading down,you will find the answer." Does anyone know where this clue leads to?
  11. platiandar


    I just found out that my mate made a couple of videos of us and is gonna put em on youtube..... IM A MOVIE STAR!!!!! Ok so I've got 100k from mining pure essence so far so Im gonna take a break from mining and work on my woodcutting. Bye Bye
  12. platiandar

    Clan Wars

    Went to Clan Wars for the first time today. It was AWESOME!!!!!! My team of me (Lvl 55) and my mate from school (Lvl 94) took on a team of 6 lvl 60 - 70 people and won! but unfrotunately on my way back to civilisation a REVENANT got me and I lost my rune scimmy and kite. I HATE REVENANTS! Anyhoo, I spent my last gp on replacement armour. So Im now faced with a dilemma. Spend my whole 5 day weekend mining pure essence to get some gold, or be a noob and beg or take from corpses. hmm..... Ill take the stupid pure essence way.
  13. platiandar

    Statement Retractions N' Stuff

    No your not
  14. platiandar

    First One!

  15. I retract my statement about Santa being evil. I retract my statement of retracting my statement of Santa being evil. I retract my statement of retracting my statement of retracting my statement of Santa being evil. I retract my statement of retracting my statement of retracting my statement of retracting my statement of Santa being evil. Ok, enough of that..... STORY TIME Im walking through the tree gnome stronghold when a noob jumps out and says: Noob: G1v3 m3 a1L Ur F4m1li1ars and cH4rms Pl0X 0r 1 PwnX U 1n w1ldy11!!1 Me: No they are nontradeable and you are level 9 for Saradomin's sake! Noob: Meanie! At which point he runs over to the gnome king npc and starts going: Noob: Plat being mean! He no sharing! So he goes on like this for like five minutes and then he tells the npc that he reported him for bug abuse! I retract this entire entry. I retract my retraction of this entire entry.

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