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    My occupation: Digital Video Editer. <br />Former occupation: Pastry Chef and Line Cook.<br /><br />Hobbies: Programing, IF support, fishing, gardening, and gaming.<br /><br />Games I currently play:<br />KnightFight (server 4) -- Name: [KSC] DeadAzer<br />KnightFight (server 5) -- Name: [KOLIT] DeadAzer<br />Kapiland (UK1) -- Name: Azer Productions

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  1. Deadazer


    About time noob... As time moves on so do we all. That is just the nature of life. Good luck with whatever you do in your free time now. If you ever wish to find me you know where to go. :)
  2. Deadazer

    Favorite Pizza Place?

    Hey, I make my own pizza 90% of the time. I like my own American style pizza better than a cracker, tomatos, olive oil and a little "other stuff". :P Luckly for me I used to work in 5 star resturants so I perfer to cook myself other things rather than pizza. *Brown sugar and Walnut stuff Pork Loin...* :P
  3. Deadazer

    Summer Or Winter Olympics?

    I perfer the Winter Olympics because of Ice Hockey, Bobsleigh, Cross-country skiing, Figure skating, Freestyle skiing, Short track speed skating and Speed skating just to name a few events.
  4. Deadazer

    Favorite Pizza Place?

    I am not a fan of Italian pizza. I perfer American style pizza. Much more filling and less healthy.
  5. Greatest Overall Guitar Player: Dimebag [R.I.P.] (Pantera) Greatest Living Guitar Player: Zakk Wyde (Black Label Society, Ozzy) Greatest Bass Player: Robert Trujillo (Metallica, Ozzy) Greatest Drums Player: Snowy Shaw (Dream Evil)
  6. Deadazer

    Which One Is Better?

    I voted for Mr. Bean. He doesn't have to say anything to be funny.
  7. Deadazer

    Favorite Pizza Place?

    I make my own pizza. If it had to be a place it would be Hungry Howie's or Domino's. Though, Little Ceasers headquarters is just a 5 minute drive. They have better pizza there then in the "stores".
  8. Deadazer

    Youtube Tag?

    Not everyone is going to post a warning, or remember to post a warning. I still don't like the idea.
  9. Deadazer

    Youtube Tag?

    Ever think of those who don't have really fast internet? Not only would be be a problem loading for many people it would add another problem, moderation. We would have to make rules about what type of music or videos could be posted. I don't think it is worth it in the long run.
  10. Deadazer

    Help Guides

    There should be two different sections? People become members at all different levels in skills. You cannot possible think that we should have every posibility? You should follow the f2p part of the guide until you become a member. Then, at that point, start following the p2p part of the guide. Is that so hard?
  11. Deadazer

    Crafting Tips & Guide

    Where does it say that battlestaffs are the fastest way to train crafting? I have never read that any place. Everyone I know always used green and blue hides to level crafting fast. That is what is written in our current guide. The only place battlestaffs are listed in our current guide is the money making way. There is no other way to make more money crafting than battlestaffs. For those who don't care to read our current guide: Way for F2p Fastest way(green and blue hides) Money making way(battlestaffs) <-- Tell me a better way to make money crafting than battlestaffs.
  12. Deadazer

    Crafting Tips & Guide

    Wait, I don't remember EVER seeing you in game. Plus, there is only one person in the game I ever insulted. That was a level 105 who kept fellowing my KQ team and ended up dieing and losing his Guthans. Quit making up stories to make yourself look better.
  13. Deadazer

    Crafting Tips & Guide

    My last post on this forum. Before I get start, for the 6 people who PM'ed me telling me what I said was uncalled for or to "back off", you got your wish. For me to leave for good. Now, Sparhawke, the mistake you made was to insult me and not give a. You don't need experience in a skill to know how to write a guide. Look at the best guide writters here. Most of them didn't have the experience when they first wrote their guides. To write a good guide you need to know who to know. When I wrote this guide I draw information from an amazing group of people. Some of the top crafters in the game. One of them having over 20mil crafting experience at that time. Tell me he doesn't know what he is doing? Also, tell all the great people here who gave advice they don't know anything about crafting. The difference between a HELP guide and a SKILL guide is that the help guide gives you tips. If you want to learn how to make a leather item go to the SKILL guide. If you want a few helpfull hints, or tips, on how to do things faster or a different way, read a HELP guide. This is a reworded skill guide. Addressing your comment on people who PM you instead of reading the guide. People don't like reading long guides, or guides, unless they have to. I personaly, read a guide, then go ask someone I know with a 99 in that skill for advice. It doesn't mean the guide is bad but, I just want more options. I, to this day, get PMs from people asking how, and what, to merchant. Does this mean that merchanting guides on other sites are unless? No, it means people want to hear more options and advice. For all of you who have written a guide, don't you still get PMed with questions reguarding the guide? If people where to read every guide there would be no need for a RuneScape Question forum. On number crunching... Ask almost any high total level character and they will tell you how important number crunching is. I could burn X amount of willows to 99 or X amount of maples then, use the time I saved to make twice the amount of money I spent. Number crunching is one of the most important parts to being succesfull in almost any game.
  14. Deadazer

    Crafting Tips & Guide

    I don't mean to argue. But, when someone insults you and your work and doesn't care it bothers me. Like I said before, I want the best for the site. But, this guide is much to close to being a crafting guide rather than a help guide. Also, Sparhawke, sit down and READ my guide before you go around saying things that are not true about it. To me is seems Sparhawke thinks he knows EVERYTHING about crafting. (Look at all his posts.) Does he bother to think about all the level 99 crafters that gave me advice in game or on other forums for the guide?
  15. Deadazer

    Crafting Tips & Guide

    Who reads guides? Look at the Question forum. 90% of the questions asked there are people who didn't even bother reading the guides. Anyway, my opinion still stands that this is a re-worded crafting guide, more than a help guide. Another question, what is so wrong with the guide that it needs to be re-written rather than edited? I know 'Fast Leveling (Members)' part needs to be edited, just havn't had time to edit it. (Bodies needs to be added in with the vamps, less thread, faster, etc.) Edit: You didn't read the old guide did you? There are 3 different ways. You are saying battlestaffs is they way I said to level. The only way I have battlestaffs under is the money making way. You cannot make money crafting green hides. (Unless you get them all yourself.) Oh, don't forget to read my battlestaff making guide. It talks about only have 5 per shop and hoping worlds. It also adds that to wear while in the wild to keep from getting PK'ed.

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