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  1. I just came back to runescape last week, I haven't played since march and theres a new interface, cursors, minigames, quests, I've already checked everything out
  2. shaunshorty4

    Glorious Memories Quest Guide

    Neitiziot = Neitiznot
  3. I haven't died for at least 6 months now, I'm scared of dying When I was under 40 combat I probably died 20+ times from quests, wildy, monsters, etc.
  4. shaunshorty4

    Favorite Slayer Master?

    Chaeldar, easy tasks, 3rd best slayer master, no scary mithril dragons
  5. shaunshorty4

    Mining Iron

    Best place is Varrock west, not many ppl realise this but its actually closer to a bank than the eastern mine and usually no one is there at all.
  6. shaunshorty4

    Stray Dogs

    You need to give a dog a bone during the Varrock easy achievement diary.
  7. shaunshorty4

    Lost Items/ Crab Crap

    Talk to the guy at Port Khazard for your Diving equipment, although I think you might need to make the fish bowl helmet yourself, I'm not quite sure.
  8. Feldip hills, i can't take the graphics, it gives me headaches!
  9. shaunshorty4

    Most Memorable Quest?

    Ernest the Chicken, did it years ago when I first made my account. I never heard of quest guides and spent weeks trying to figure out the levers and how to get past the doors and stuff.
  10. shaunshorty4

    Aviansies Tanking Guide For Beginners

    Here are some corrections... Lucian = Lucien 2 = two cirlce = circle After would look better if it was change to When. 1 = one 4 = four 5 = five
  11. shaunshorty4

    Slayer Help Guide

    Heres a tonne of corrections that need to be made
  12. shaunshorty4

    Whats Your Faverite Weapon?

    I usually use D scimmi alot to train str, otherwise whip or ss
  13. shaunshorty4

    Home World?

    World 12, its the only New Zealand world for members
  14. shaunshorty4

    Guide To Using The Runescape Site.

    Mod Roderick answered half of Mod MMG's questions in the forums, dont forget to add him Edit: Theres also a Mod Timbo, I know it sounds random, he posted in the answers thread. You also forgot Mod Mark and Mod MMG
  15. shaunshorty4

    150th Quest Confirmed To Be Ham

    The hoodie looks very unrunescape-like. Guess thats a good thing though, maybe Jagex finally understands us nerds

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