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  1. Hey I found a mistake Near the start you say Note: This will take you a few trys. It's near to impossible to get it first time at a low level. With this tactic (the first few tries were either Ranged or Melee only), I got Nomad in 2 tries. It should be Note: This will take you a few tries. It's near to impossible to get it first time at a low level. With this tactic (the first few tries were either Ranged or Melee only), I got Nomad in 2 tries.
  2. hey, i'm going for 99 fm too! Got 81 so far, close to 82 and got 90 banked Add me in game if you want :), my name is Don Vulture Gl with 99 fm!
  3. Happy V late birthday Been unable to post cos of school and stoof <.< and me forgots to post after vulture! :) Shame on me! But why did it have 94% hunger?? You didn't forget to.... feed him..... did you? :) :) ;) H4x. Tips not to get bored in construction: 1.- Annoy people in star hunting ccs 2.- Annoy people in penguin seeking ccs 3.- Annoy people in Evil Tree ccs etc etc etc.
  4. Thanks :) Ya well I warned you --- Well, no new levels, just 2 things: 1: I added a diagnosis section on the bottom of my log's frontpage, just for the lols, check it out 2: I now understand the difference between V-fib and Asystole!!!
  5. Don't bank Just power mine till 85 , start money making at 85 :) Also, grats on the V Naise wc level :) Warns= no real problem ;)
  6. grats on the rc level! Btw, lol at the nub "Buying rope 5k" on the crafting screenie
  7. lol! My pms appear on most of your screenies Grats on 80 agil and 2m exp! :) Isn't advanced barb course faster than Dorgesh Khan tho?
  8. 10k exp per hour? lolwut? Mining copper lol? 85 mining would make 99 million easier tbh, each rune ore sells for 17k! that's around.. 466k per full invent :)
  9. Nice goal! I support ya all the way Btw, what items do you merch/what merch clan do you use to merch?
  10. Thanks Don III ^_^ saved in word, will edit there. Seems like tags hate us dons lol :) Yes, I am doing Maples, Willows get me amaaaaaaaazingly bored and Yews are amaaaaaaaaaaaazingly expensive, mid point= Maples :o --- New stoof 2m firemaking exp: 81 firemaking: and... I took a break from firemaking, went to paly arcanists, ownt a noob without getting damaged by a single hp! Firemaking is finally starting to get boooooring, I can only imagine how boring 90-99 will be ;) On a side note... *VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED* You want to be a surgeon? You will have to attend crushed feet, open spoiler below if you dare ^^ Ftw
  11. Next: 60 smith, 85 mining, 75 cooking, 80 wc, 60 rc? All or one of those? :) All quite doable Thanks for BB code for my log btw Gl with whatever you pick Don III Bear
  12. Thanks, Ya well, slow but it works :) Thanks, what has everyone got against my wines!? I should start a liquor store.. hm.. --- So people... no screenshots so far, only telling ya I have 90 firemaking banked already! :) wish me luck! EDIT: Could someone help me with the BB Codes on this website? Somehow messed up, on smithing section, thanks
  13. Telegrab zammy wines pls? lol, grats on 92 summ! now get dat vulture! get it! now! or.. I eat you..... No, you has to be roadkill for that... erm... Idk... I will do something
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