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  1. So okay, I was recording stoof with hypercam. I finish recording close everything. I go into youtube to listen to music. No sound. I go into rs, no sound. Seems like it just vanisehd? I checked, it is not muted, it is plugged, turned on and off, still, nothing.
  2. Bear


    Nice log you have here :) Grats on the mining level, those nubs on minimap are the star miners, right? Bear P.s: BIDEN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ya. Really.
  3. Bear

    |›·xtreme Karil's Log·‹|

    I support ya More lvls pls?
  4. Bear

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Gratz on 93 agility Your skills are too high lol :)
  5. Bear

    Don's Log To 99 Firemaking

    Thanks, most Vultures don't live in forest, they live in Savanahs or Deserts, and you needs to have 99 firemaking to burn down a forest lol Thanks, Don III it is then --- new stoof: 50% done to 80 firemaking: 77 Firemaking:
  6. Bear

    The Vending Machine

    I put in Biggie Smalls... and a vulture comes out?
  7. Bear

    Golden Yak Faking Contest #2!

    I took the rune from the G.E, but when I copy the yak's face onto the page with the rune the yak's face goes grey :) idk what's happening, any other place where I could get a pic of a rune ess or pure ess? Done ;) Possibly mine or buy one? If its a little too hard or transparencies are getting in the way, just give me your yak head and I'll make it. I'm pretty experienced with item fakes I would say. Also, leave a spot for me too please? Don't worry, I will mine one and make it myself, thanks for offering to help tho :P Spot saved :)
  8. Hey guys! I know you all missed me and my yaks! Didn't you? Well, I am back (sadly for some of you ) and if anyone wants to get the epic award, the yak faking skillcape, this is the place for you! AWARDS: (first place picks first, second place gets other award) Simple rules: 1. Make a fake 2. Upload it here (WITH IMG CODE PLAWKS) 3. hope you win! May the best faker win! Fakes so far: NKW's Entry: http://i45.tinypic.com/152eqvc.png Chaoss Entry: Mr E's Entry: RESERVED Scurfie's Entry: RESERVED BEAR P.S: Make it yak related to gain my vote :)
  9. Well, I have been reading about Acoustic Neuromas recently, and I read somewhere that it can sometimes be called an Acoustic Neurilemoma Now, as far as I know it is called a Vestibular Schwannoma when it is located in the Schwan cells of the axon, but in which case is it called Acoustic Neurilemoma? Also, in the case of FMR 1, the 1 stands for 1 chromosome being fragile, in this case the x chromosome, right? Or does it stand for something else? Thanks to anyone who answers those
  10. Bear

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    Grats on 91 rc and on the naise 6m exp! Are you going for 99 rc? Btw, M S= Multiple Sclereosis, bad disease
  11. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    Naise Drops, Naise 80 huntar, Naise 2m exp! Get 93 summ and get vulture pet pls pls pls pls pls (add 1000 pls more) Remember, vultures are ALMOST extinct, still some left: The one that is waiting to be your pet, the one that is waiting to be my pet (if I ever get 85 summ), a secret stash of them hidden around somewhere, and me Don't make vultures extinct! They are awesome birds amg! Grats again lol
  12. Bear

    Don's Log To 99.....million?

    Give us 70 firemaking? will be less than 40k from 68 I think?
  13. Bear

    Don's Log To 99 Firemaking

    Thanks Don #3 ;) Yeah, I love the cape too, thanks Thanks, post updated now, will be adding more banners soon :P Thanks, let's see how long does this log last Yeah lol, it's a tought 99, cheap but tough. Thanks Thanks, yea firemaking, firemaking and even more firemaking, and guess what's next? Firemaking! As long as you don't light vultures firemaking's ok DONT LIGHT VULTURES! --- Well peeps, here's 75 and 76!! woot! yay! awesome! epic! whatever! yeah... Meh, I always fail to catch the first message :) Thanks everyone again! Bear
  14. Bear

    Don's Log To 99.....million?

    Don #3 you mean? Don #2, Don or Don #1 is Don Florty ;) And ya, House very, very FTW, (despite I buy pirated dvds :)) Btw, you epicly pwn both my magic and my smithing! Me hates you!! Lol, grats on the levels Don #3
  15. Bear

    Golden Yak Faking Contest #2!

    Sorry for taking so long to post, I was starting a log :) I took the rune from the G.E, but when I copy the yak's face onto the page with the rune the yak's face goes grey idk what's happening, any other place where I could get a pic of a rune ess or pure ess? Done :)
  16. Bear

    Stella's Skill Log

    grats on 80 cooking and 67 fishing! Gl with getting 99 cooking at the end of Double exp weekend and thanks for answering my question, will probably get 70 as soon as I get members. Good luck with 99 cooking again
  17. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    Somehow I think earth will find a way to fish vultures Don't! Train summ pls!
  18. Bear

    Don's Log To 99 Firemaking

    Thanks, how about Don Bear? or Bear Don? Or Don Vulture Bear? :) whichever you prefer lol Nuu, Dons>Vultures>Yaks>Bears ;) Thanks for Gl and Grats :) --- Guess what? 73 Firemaking! 1 million firemaking exp! 74 Firemaking! Expect more soon people! Also, like my banner at the top of my log? Will be making another for goals and so on later on
  19. Bear

    Stella's Skill Log

    80 already pls pls? Gl with 99 cooking. Btw, just wondering, what should I cook for 56-70 lol? Need that for Rfd once I get mems back :) Gl again
  20. Bear

    Home From Deployment

    l3nd5 m3 cl4ws pl0x? Lol, Gl on getting 99 summ, tough goal you picked
  21. Bear

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Get nomad pls? show off your 99 atk and str lol
  22. Bear

    Θ☼☺shrlk's Log To 99 Fishing ☺☼Θ

    82, getting closer, keep it up man!
  23. Bear

    Don's Log To 99.....million?

    71.5m in f2p? :) Evil. Just evil. You gotta teach me how to money make in f2p sometime soon :P Gl with the money making P.S: Don Florty is Don #1, I r Don #2, that makes you Don #3 ;) P.P.S.S: Dr. House ftw!
  24. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    79 Huntar already amg!!! Get 80 in f2p by trapping a... a... a noob in mid 70's with a bucket helm? Lucky nub on obby cape drop, I has never gotten any obby drops (besides obby charms, if they count :)) Grats on the levels again Bear P.S: Don't try looking for a secret stash of vultures you haven't killed. There is no such thing.

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