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  1. Bear

    Don's Log To 99 Firemaking

    thanks, log gonna get bigger soon enough (All people with don in their name are win) Bet you a vulture I will make it :) Well, maybe not a vulture... Oh well, lets see how far I get Only one to notice it lol, I pasted screenie ontop of another one, white colour of the names went transparent and it showed grey Hey Gog! I remember you too, how you've been doing? --- Well people, I have 80 Firemaking banked, expect to get... Idk.... like 75 today? Maybe more, maybe less. Will be adding more goals soon. Thanks to everyone for wishing me luck (gonna need loads of luck not to get bored in the way
  2. Bear

    Flesh Crawler Hunting Guide

    Quote: The fastest way to get to the Barbarian Village is to teleport using a skull sceptre. The second fastest way is taking a canoe from Edgeville, Chamion\'s Guild, or Lumbridge Click here for advice on getting to the second level of the stronghold. Should be champion's guild, not chamion's
  3. Bear

    Golden Yak Faking Contest #2!

    Added both of you, looking nice both so far, can't wait till you finish yours Chaoss. Once I get 5 fakes I will set a limit date for editing/submitting fakes. Gl to both of you Also, at TKW, I would suggest you give me a forum image code instead of a link, some people are just lazy to click on link. EDIT: Yak rune Rate 1-10 Chaoss? (Looks sorta bad imo, will try again l8r) (and ya, I still don't know how to add transparencies) If you like it, then just add transparency for it pls?
  4. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    shouldn't red salamanders be faster than swampies? Or is it just me? As long as you don't trap vultures... Grats on teh 77 huntar Bear
  5. Bear

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Hey, I am going for 99 firemaking in f2p too :) Stuck at 70 atm, idk how to make cash in f2p tbh Any tips for making 320k? Gl with 99 firermaking :) Bear P.s: Grats with 97 firemaking
  6. Bear

    Golden Yak Faking Contest #2!

    Haven't faked in too long, will try tommorow to make some, does a yak rune sound nice? or maybe a yak platebody?
  7. Bear

    Golden Yak Faking Contest #2!

    Best of luck Btw, took the yak cape from your awards page :) had lost it once I moved from countries. Gonna add yak head too as an award
  8. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    Grats on 77 agility, you can now cross vulture stepping stones, swing across vulture rope swings and cross a vulture balance log.
  9. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    your siggy just got owned by vultures with bad transparency
  10. Bear

    Requesting A Lolsignature

    <3 <3 thanks Also: think you can make me a nice vulture avatar? tyvm in advance
  11. Hey guys, I would like to request a signature saying lolvulture. With a picture of a vulture as background. Thanks in advance
  12. Bear


    I'd advise you to train strength at yaks (not for any particular reason ) and while you are at it think in what to spend your 8m. Just be careful you don't run into a yak freak who may walking around . A suggestion for 8m: A non combat skill. Gl with whatever you choose YAKS FOR LIFE bear.
  13. Bear

    Strength Help (p2p)

    Dear Friend, You have alot of possibilities to level strength, but remember, you are in a race against time, so you must choose your methods wisely, IMO you have 2 options: 1 Monsters that give high exp This would be quite good, since it will get you alot of exp per day, but it is boring and you are not gaining money via this method, remember, money will help in f2p. If you still want to do this method I would recommend you doing Rock Crabs or Yaks (200 exp each) or experiments (400 exp each). You can find Rock Crabs at Relleka, Yaks at Neitiznot and Experiments on a dungeon near Frankestein's casttle. 2 Slayer This would be the best method in my opinion. You will be killing a variety of different monsters which will make this method less boring. Also you will be gaining some nice cash, which will help alot in f2p and when you get back to p2p. The only bad thing is you will need alot of different equipment. But still, it is a very good method. The choice is yours friend, personally I would prefer method 2. I hope this helps you, Bear
  14. Bear


    Dear Friend, The possibilities of your friend having bought money are minimal if not null. Have no hard feelings at him, nor have bad thoughts about him for he has obtained his money by legal means. If he is a F2P then he may have easily mined some Ess, which will give him a pretty nice amount of cash if he sticks to it. He may have also done Wcing to get his cash, since as we all know this is a very good method for moneymaking. Minning coal is also a pretty good idea for f2ps, since it gets you money quickly without much skill required. On the other hand we have the luck factor: What if your friend went to party room and got 1m? or maybe he managed to sell a bunch of items at a high price? How about a high level quitting and buying junk from players. The possibilities are endless. If you are still doubtful, you may, as many people have suggested, ask him how he did it. He is your friend, it is very likely that he will tell you his methods. Who knows, maybe you may even end up making more cash than him. Anyways, what you must remember is what I said on my first paragraph. It is very unlikely he has rwted. I hope this clears your doubts, Bear
  15. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    8/10, seen you in sals several times Woot, 1400 post! creds for that and for 1337 post ming?
  16. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    8/10, seen you around here for some time
  17. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    4/10, dont like your avvy
  18. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    it's THE bear 9/10, I can say that I got my sig thanks to you, I saw the underbanner store link in your siggy
  19. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    1/10 for not giving rating to above poster Btw, if ming reads this, can I get hall of fame for 1337 post plawks?
  20. Bear

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    first poll post first reply first (in log) gratz for 96 magic first (in log) gratz for being your bday today Gratz again, will do my best to make it to party and give you presents
  21. Bear

    Dm Wars!

    Doddsy: 35 Hawk: 80 Heb0: 71 OnYx the 1st: 80 President elect skull: 14 Razorlike: 91 Sryen: 56 Stobbo: 56 Hit: Skull Heal: Razor
  22. Bear

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    oo naise! Gogs got 85 atk, 1950 total and something else which I forgot Anyways, get 50 more levels and have an epic party? Bear that in mind Loled when I read it, might use it as a siggy
  23. Bear

    Bann The Person Above You!

    banned for firing your lazer
  24. Bear

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    wooot post 1337! har har btw, above poster 8/10

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