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    Zozommi, The Hypocrite

    And from the 'Forum Rules' at the top of every page: If you have such a beef with him, you probably could PM a mod for advice on how to handle it, instead of posting it in a place for authors. Is telling the truth being rude? No, not in my opinion, I am glad to see you debating in a proper way without flaming, as for the part of authors, I am an author myself, I have written many stories in spanish, most of my stories for school got 20/20, this is a story too, I could just have written "AMG ad zozommi too ignoar ples he be bad hypocrite!" but no, as I said, I am an author too, author can write real stories.
  2. Bear

    Zozommi, The Hypocrite

    I am sorry, but I do really think I should warn other people, I don't really think you would have liked someone to tell you to do things which make you waste your time, and for the Agility Pyramid, yes, you have 99 agility, you know about agility, but, I do asked alot of persons, they all told me Pyramid wasnt quickest, persons with 99 agility, wildy is like 2k more exp, and I could easily own revenants, zozommi knew that. not trying to bash another member, telling persons the truth about what happened, many persons don't know what this member did, I just want them to know what he did, how would you feel if he did this to you? Wouldn't you have liked someone warning you he would do something like that? Then if that's the case, why post it here in RuneScape Stories? I would hardly believe that this is even a story. You might want to read this: What Exactly Is A Story? It states that a story needs a clear beginning, middle and end. You also might want to request a mod to close this. Then move this, to the proper section. It happened in Runescape it wasnt real life from link you sent: While a story can be about anything, it should: - Have a clear beginning, middle and end, and not be a few sentences badly strung together. Beggining, I explain how I met him, Middle, He started to lie etc End, he de added me, I did so too - Have some kind of main subject (ie - a trip to the wilderness, a day out, battles between gods...anything.) How he turned from a friend into a hypocrite - Make sense. A block of text that doesn't make any sense isn't a story. It makes sense - Not contain inappropriate content (All Forum Rules apply) Doesn't contain inappropiate content
  3. Bear

    Zozommi, The Hypocrite

    not trying to bash another member, telling persons the truth about what happened, many persons don't know what this member did, I just want them to know what he did, how would you feel if he did this to you? Wouldn't you have liked someone warning you he would do something like that?
  4. Bear

    Zozommi, The Hypocrite

    no, it isnt considered spam according to the rules, and it is a story that relates the truth about a hypocrite person and how badly he acted towards a friend
  5. I need a barb assault team, I wanna get fighter torso, so if anyone wants to join just leave a post, we will be going as soon as we get a team Roles Attacker: Defender:ME Healer Collector:
  6. Bear

    My Drag Defender Concept.

    8/10 looks good >.<
  7. Sal's Name: I think you meant username, if you want my sals name you can turn your head to the left... (username is donhambruna) Nationality: Peruvian Two Fakes/Three Ideas/Two Banners: Note: Poke those fakes are old ones I made, I am currently working on another one, so if you dont like it I beg you please give me a chance to post the other one Extra Note: Sadly I am not British but I totally love Great Britain, I wish I had been born there. Extra Extra Note: I am Peruvian, my first language is spanish, I am doing quite well on my english classes (got 4th highest mark in english final examination) but I can still make some really bad grammar mistakes, please excuse them.
  8. Bear

    Cancelled! Zybez Chickened Out

    You should be ok *Hides yak hair fleece* Er yeah its a team efort! mmk, will work on a yak fake asap so hide!!!!!! >.< :D
  9. Bear

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    Meant 99 str lol Early grats on buying a whip and lending it to me and h4x0r1ng jagex to gimme 50m
  10. Bear

    Cancelled! Zybez Chickened Out

    how nice! We are challenging another fakes forum (though if I join the fight with my yak fakes I will get owned) hmm, easl what do you say? will I get owned with my yak fakes?
  11. Bear

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    oh noes! I got discovered! *runs* well grats on: 99 hp, 99 slayer, being good enough for someone to try and scam your pass, he not being able to scam you, being nominated for the best log contest, 90 pages. And early grats on lending me a whip >.<
  12. Bear

    Will I Go To Hell. Im Homosexual

    Why would you go to hell? Is it your fault being gay? Some people are born gay, they don't turn gay, it isn't your fault, you didn't decide to be gay, I am protestant, so I dont believe in most of the church's beliefs, Imo you aren't going to hell
  13. Bear

    Fastest Way To Train Agility?

    37-45 barbarian 45-50 brimhaven that's what I did and took me like 1 day
  14. Bear

    Trapdoor In G.e.

    the trapdoor is most probably for a future update, or maybe jagex added it to make us players try to guess what it's for, jagex is evil lol
  15. Bear

    Good Place To Train Range?

    most probably hill giants, other than that I would recomend the following: 1-10 chickens 10-30 cows 30-40 guards/cows for cash 40-50 edgeville guards 50-60 mossies 60-70 hill giants >.<
  16. I am a ranger and I know how painful leveling range can sometimes be, just take some time and get to 60, no need to get 70 or more, then BORROW a dark bow, dont buy it, take 2 dragon arrows and the rest steel/mith, when you get to the demon, take a few steps away from him so he can't attack you, then use the dark bow's spec with dragon arrows, after that finish the demon of with steel arrows. You could also use a mage short instead of dark bow, but dark bow will be quicker. If you need any more help pm me in game, my username is Donhambruna.
  17. Bear

    High Alchemy Guide

    you only added the sub-heading Rings, you are missing the necklace, amulet and bracelet headings, other than that great guide!
  18. Bear

    Bear's Log To Some Stuff

    ty, all though I dont feel like recovering it anytime soon >.< I am mainly into agil now, and when my comp stops lagging I will upload some screens
  19. Bear

    Bear's Log To Some Stuff

    Welcome to my log Introduction Hi, I am bear, donhambruna in runescape, and this is my log, take time reading it, no need to rush, if you want to be added to supporters list just say so, mmmk? About me Well, my real name is Aldo and I am 13, I like chess and I like playing The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for Wii, I really hate sports, I love vultures and bears. Goals: The goals are in the order I will get them Levels: Range: Prayer: Woodcutting: I dont have much levels yet, but I will get more soon. As you can see the prayer one is 49, I have 50 prayer but I didn't scren it. What I am doing right now: training agility Supporters: Stormernator Don Florty (Don #2) Lalas Thank you for reading Bear EPIC VULTURE!
  20. Bear

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    grats on the lvls gog you didn't post the "goggles for goggles" pic >.< your log went to 2nd page dont let it go down again pl0x????
  21. Bear

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    fail for racoons...... get 85 already and get vultures!!!!!!! zomg epic vulture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a vulture pl0x????????? grats on 80 summoning I guess
  22. Bear

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    My monies on you. The random vulture in the Cooking picture kinda makes it look like you did it. :D I lol'd anyway though. well, I am not the only one in sals that likes vultures....
  23. Bear

    ♦♦lll---> Vincent's Log Of Ownage™ <---lll♦♦

    nice log dude, I support Btw, work on your low levels
  24. Bear

    Bear's Log To Some Stuff

    tyvm, I guess that means add to supporter list ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bad news...... lost 2 pieces of void in steel drags due to lag.. then connection lost so bye bye gravestone, going for 99 agility now so pretty please come to ape atoll world 46, I feel lonely if there is no one from sals >.<
  25. Bear

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    add another poll so we can vote on who vandalized the pictures, hmmm methinks it was penguin, that lemming is always messing around >.<

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