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  1. Hey I found a mistake


    Near the start you say


    Note: This will take you a few trys. It's near to impossible to get it first time at a low level. With this tactic (the first few tries were either Ranged or Melee only), I got Nomad in 2 tries.


    It should be


    Note: This will take you a few tries. It's near to impossible to get it first time at a low level. With this tactic (the first few tries were either Ranged or Melee only), I got Nomad in 2 tries.



  2. Happy V late birthday :rolleyes:


    Been unable to post cos of school and stoof <.<


    and me forgots to post after vulture! :) Shame on me!


    But why did it have 94% hunger??


    You didn't forget to.... feed him..... did you?


    :) :) ;)





    Tips not to get bored in construction:


    1.- Annoy people in star hunting ccs

    2.- Annoy people in penguin seeking ccs

    3.- Annoy people in Evil Tree ccs


    etc etc etc.

  3. Gratz on 2m Fm xp and 81 fm,now your fm level=my mining level :rolleyes:

    Also I shouldn't have dared..........I lost my apetite.....


    Thanks :)


    Ya well I warned you




    Well, no new levels, just 2 things:



    I added a diagnosis section on the bottom of my log's frontpage, just for the lols, check it out



    I now understand the difference between V-fib and Asystole!!!

  4. Log code


    Copy & paste :wizard:

    Also save this in word pad and make future changes to the one in the word pad,then copy it from there and paste it here,that's what I do since I too am getting attacked by div tags :ph34r:

    Haven't updated my first post since a long time.


    Gratz on buying 90 mf :o



    Thanks Don III ^_^ saved in word, will edit there. Seems like tags hate us dons lol :)


    Yes, I am doing Maples, Willows get me amaaaaaaaazingly bored and Yews are amaaaaaaaaaaaazingly expensive, mid point= Maples :o



    New stoof


    2m firemaking exp:


    81 firemaking:




    I took a break from firemaking, went to paly arcanists, ownt a noob without getting damaged by a single hp!


    Firemaking is finally starting to get boooooring, I can only imagine how boring 90-99 will be ;)


    On a side note...




    You want to be a surgeon? You will have to attend crushed feet, open spoiler below if you dare









    ^^ Ftw

  5. Grats on 80 Firemaking. Wines sound rather slow, but are probably the best for you, yeah. :rolleyes:

    Thanks, Ya well, slow but it works :)


    Grats on 80 [email protected]@@ Telegrabing wines is v old school, have [email protected]@


    Thanks, what has everyone got against my wines!? I should start a liquor store.. hm..




    So people... no screenshots so far, only telling ya I have 90 firemaking banked already! :) wish me luck!




    Could someone help me with the BB Codes on this website? Somehow messed up, on smithing section, thanks

  6. 90 summ, 81 farm, what's next? I know the answer! Vulture pet!!!!!!!!! woooooooooot!!! yay!!!!!! (fill with more of those)


    Gets vulture soon plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls?


    lol, grats on 90 Summ and 81 Farm




    P.S: Don't plant vultures :rolleyes:


    90 summ, 81 Farm, what's next? me knows! Vulture pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!1111shift11111!!


    lol, Grats on 90 summ and 81 farm ;)




    P.S. don't plant vulture :) :)

  7. Give us 70 firemaking? will be less than 40k from 68 I think?

    Now that's something do able :P

    I'll get started on that soon.....Exams :rolleyes:

    Jagex hates me.I sell my santa and they throw themarket upside down.

    meh it sucks that your pile goes upto 75m and drops back to 55m :)


    Jages hates everyone that has played the game for more than 5 minutes ;)

    Still 55m is quite a big chunk :), try buying loads of iron and coal, making steel bars, reselling maybe?

    I am really lousy at moneymaking ;)


    Gl with exams :P

  8. Gratz on 80 fm!

    No,I don't know how to make money :rolleyes:

    Just go Iron mining,quick and good money

    Btw,I'm adding you in-game,hope you dont mind :P


    I'm getting lined up for 3 70's :)

    32 xp tp 70fm

    300xp to 70 str

    30k xp to 70 mage ;)

    So no updates from me :P


    Thanks, I added you in game too ;) atm I am telegrabbing wines (54k per inventory :))


    For 90 fm I need around 900k (too much for nubs like me)


    Anyways, gl with the lvls :P

  9. Grats on 76/77 [email protected]@@

    Thanks :rolleyes:


    Gratz on 77 fm!

    80 isnt far anymore ;)

    Thanks, 80 is here :)




    So people, I haven't posted in a relatively long time, I has new levels:










    Ya ya, finally 80, time to money make for 90 :), guess i'll just cut yews, unless anyone has a better idea? ;)

  10. So okay, I was recording stoof with hypercam. I finish recording close everything. I go into youtube to listen to music. No sound. I go into rs, no sound. Seems like it just vanisehd?


    I checked, it is not muted, it is plugged, turned on and off, still, nothing.


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