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  1. finisterra

    The World Wakes

    You should say that siding with Guthix isn't preferred as running through Char's fire waves can be hard.
  2. finisterra

    Sal's Skill Competition 12 - Dungeoneering

    Just realised I have an exam on Monday so I won't be able to participate that much. Sorry guys.
  3. finisterra

    Sal's Skill Competition 12 - Dungeoneering

    I'll start getting xp in an hour from now. Good luck everyone!
  4. finisterra

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    That works for me! I'll be there fo sure.
  5. finisterra

    Quick Chemistry Question

    I assume that by pure substance you mean a substance that cannot be separated into smaller components. Insulin is a dimer having an A chain (21 aa) and a B chain (30 aa), which are joined by two disulfide bonds (well, it's actually three bonds, but only two join both chains together) . These bonds can be broken by a reductive agent such as beta-mercaptoethanol. Therefore, insulin isn't a pure substance because it can be broken down into smaller components. Aside from this, proteins can be broken down into their corresponding amino acids by a process called proteolysis (which is just a special type of hydrolysis . This process can be done by digestive enzymes (such as pepsin, tripsin and chymotripsin) or by intracellular structures such as lysosomes or proteasomes.
  6. finisterra

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    Just host it when most people can attend and I'll tru to be there!
  7. finisterra

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    I'm interested in pretty much any boss except for DKS. I wouldn't mind hosting after I've been to a few masses because I don't know what combat styles are better nowadays. Do you guys usually have masses on Sundays? It's the only day that I can't attend this weekend. :(
  8. finisterra

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    Is there going to be any masses any time soon? I want to boss again and I still need to get used to EOC so I cannot solo yet.
  9. finisterra

    Sal's Skill Competition 12 - Dungeoneering

    I'll participate. Finisterra is both my forum name and RS name. By the way, guess who made that last vote. ;)
  10. finisterra


    I had an endoscopy performed a few months ago, and I couldn't feel or remember a thing after the procedure. However, an anesthesiologist sedated me, and I've heard that's not the way it's done in most hospitals. Anyway, they went down to my duodenum and in your case they're only going down to right before the stomach at most, so it shouldn't be painful.
  11. finisterra

    Apple reveals iOS7 design change

    I'm only looking forward to it so I can have the wifi/etc controls without jailbreaking.
  12. finisterra

    Post Your Internet Speed!

    Upgrading to 100mb for half the price in a few days, but this is really good:
  13. finisterra

    Pics Of Yourself!

    What happened to your hair bro?
  14. finisterra

    Exams and tonsillitis

    Rinse your mouth with betadine (use approximately 12 parts water per 1 part betadine) twice a day and it should help a bit. Anyway, you should definitely see a doctor.
  15. finisterra

    Legit Keyers

    Legit Keyers is a friend's chat created to ensure that leechers can find keyers without any hassle or worries of being scammed. *NOTE: ALL PRICES WILL BE DISCUSSED IN GAME AND NOT ON FORUMS* Getting Ranked If you would like to become ranked in Legit Keyers please private message one of the Generals. They will explain the guidelines and ask a few questions. All keyers will be ranked as Lieutenants (Bronze Stars). Exceptional keyers will be promoted to Captain (Silver Star). Our Ranks --Generals-- Kesthetic Finisterra Sunskyy S ilver Pak1 Slayer Arieslazarel --Captains-- Vexcel --Lieutenants-- M r Teabag Critics inb4ragequit
  16. finisterra

    Hi Sals

    Just wanted to say I'm back. I won't be as active as before, but I will be around for the Summer. Are any of the old faces still around?
  17. finisterra

    Hi Sals

    thx everyone for the very warm welcome!!! nice to see you all
  18. finisterra

    Are You Virgin

    No, I haven't been one since the age of 14.
  19. finisterra


    If Babylilshu doesn't win I'll make Sals Wikileaks V2.
  20. finisterra

    And Then There Were None

    Understand inclined planes now and physics will be easier in the future.
  21. finisterra


    The Kelvin scale doesn't use degrees.
  22. finisterra

    99 Hp

    l0l nice quitting gj bro shoulda told me to come to party!!
  23. finisterra


    Depends on the time of the day. Mornings is usually 3/4 to 4/5ths of a cup of coffee and the rest milk. Afternoons black coffee with ice.
  24. finisterra

    120 Dg

    only like a year late

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