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    The Ethiops say that their gods are flat-nosed and black,<br />While the Thracians say that theirs have blue eyes and red hair.<br />Yet if cattle or horses or lions had hands and could draw,<br /><br />And could sculpture like men, then the horses would draw their gods<br />Like horses, and cattle like cattle; and each they would shape<br />Bodies of gods in the likeness, each kind, of their own.<br /><br />- Xenophanes<br /><br />But no. Sleepy is not a furry. lulz.

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  1. imsleepy

    An anniversary and some news.

    It's really a shame. If you need a bear to talk to, I'm always here.
  2. imsleepy

    99 Crafting

    http://oi39.tinypic.com/vey7ar.jpg Thanks to everyone who showed up!
  3. imsleepy


    A conversation me and ekwa had about shapeshifting and Mystique. Somewhat nsfw? [7:47:05 PM] Dylan: hmm [7:47:13 PM] Dylan: i really wish i was a shapeshifter [7:47:33 PM] Sweepy: what if you couldn't change your mass? [7:47:37 PM] Dylan: hmm [7:47:37 PM] Sweepy: like you had to put it in a bucket or something [7:47:44 PM] Dylan: i guess i could just be hollow [7:47:54 PM] Sweepy: i wonder if you could stay alive after that [7:48:02 PM] Sweepy: i know part of mystique's power is that she can't change her mass [7:48:12 PM] Sweepy: and in this one episode of x men evolution she turns into a crow and flies away [7:48:18 PM] Sweepy: and i was like lol, that's not gonna happen [7:48:31 PM] Dylan: ahha [7:48:40 PM] Dylan: they established that in the books? [7:48:43 PM] Sweepy: yeah [7:48:49 PM] Sweepy: heaviest fudgeing crow in the world [7:49:01 PM] Sweepy: with the density of a diamond. lol [7:49:08 PM] Dylan: she just expand her mass so that she is lighter than air? [7:49:09 PM] Sweepy: actually that might make a cool weapon [7:49:15 PM] Dylan: and then [7:49:20 PM] Dylan: she floats away [7:49:29 PM] Sweepy: yeah, that would work better than being a tiny crow [7:49:34 PM] Dylan: wait [7:49:40 PM] Sweepy: she could be an enormous crow [7:49:42 PM] Dylan: say she turned into a baloon [7:49:47 PM] Dylan: balloon [7:49:59 PM] Dylan: but made it so that there was a vacumm inside [7:50:09 PM] Dylan: would that help her float? [7:50:17 PM] Sweepy: a vacuum inside how? [7:50:30 PM] Dylan: like say she made herself a flat balloon [7:50:53 PM] Dylan: but made the ousides rigid so that it would made a vaccum of space inside [7:51:08 PM] Sweepy: i don't think so [7:51:19 PM] Sweepy: it would be like having a big paper mache balloon [7:51:28 PM] Sweepy: maybe if she got someone to light a fire underneath her [7:51:49 PM] Dylan: well [7:51:58 PM] Dylan: say i have a material that is very light [7:52:02 PM] Dylan: but very strong [7:52:34 PM] Dylan: and [7:52:43 PM] Dylan: i made a sphere [7:52:49 PM] Dylan: and pumped all the air out [7:52:56 PM] Dylan: and made another sphere [7:53:01 PM] Dylan: but left the air in [7:53:13 PM] Dylan: and i placed them on water [7:53:36 PM] Sweepy: and then? [7:53:49 PM] Dylan: would one be more or less boyant? [7:54:02 PM] Dylan: boyancy depends on space taken up and weight right? [7:54:24 PM] Sweepy: they're on water and one is filled with air. unless you're planning on filling one mystique balloon with helium or something it's not an accurate comparison [7:55:38 PM] Sweepy: and buoyancy is only for fluids [7:56:08 PM] Dylan: A vacuum can have volume but does not have mass, and so, it would seem, a balloon with a vacuum inside should be lifted by the buoyancy of the air around it. This doesn't work, however, because of the force of surrounding air pressure. Air pressure doesn't crush an inflated balloon, because the air inside the balloon pushes out with the same force as the outside air pushing in. A vacuum, on the other hand, doesn't have any outward pressure, since it has no particles bouncing against anything. Without equal pressure balancing it out, the outside air pressure will easily crush the balloon. And any container strong enough to hold up to the air pressure at the earth's surface will be much too heavy to be lifted by the buoyant force. [7:56:24 PM] Dylan: so it would have to be a magic material [7:56:34 PM] Dylan: that had no weight? [7:56:43 PM] Sweepy: yeah [7:56:53 PM] Sweepy: i think that no matter what, mystique couldn't transform into things that weren't alive [7:56:59 PM] Sweepy: so she couldn't transform into idk... a rock [7:57:07 PM] Sweepy: or a plasma gun [7:57:08 PM] Dylan: oh [7:57:09 PM] Dylan: :D [7:57:10 PM] Sweepy: that would be hilarious, though [7:57:29 PM] Sweepy: mystique turns into a laser gun and sabertooth uses her to shoot everyone [7:57:34 PM] Sweepy: and she's like PEW PEW MOTHAfudgeAS [7:58:37 PM] Sweepy: i'm thinking, though, that mystique turns herself into a gigantic flying squirrel [7:58:52 PM] Sweepy: so even if her strength is proportional to her mass, it doesnt' matter if she's strong [7:59:01 PM] Sweepy: and then she glides off a cliff or something [7:59:12 PM] Sweepy: then she's above something and turns herself into a shrew [7:59:17 PM] Sweepy: falls down soo fast, like a bullet [7:59:42 PM] Sweepy: and because she's so dense she can't really get hurt [8:00:21 PM] Dylan: lolz [8:00:29 PM] Dylan: well she makes clothes right [8:00:32 PM] Dylan: when she shifts [8:00:44 PM] Sweepy: i dunno [8:00:56 PM] Sweepy: maybe they're actually a part of her flesh [8:00:59 PM] Sweepy: that would be really cool and gross [8:01:01 PM] Sweepy: ahaha [8:01:07 PM] Sweepy: imma go check xmen wiki [8:02:42 PM] Sweepy: Metamorphic Adaptation: After her enhancement Mystique has shown the ability to adapt her body depending on her situation at the time. She was able to adapt her body in order to camouflage according to her surroundings, shift her organs into her lower extremities, heal from numerous bullet wounds in at least a few minutes, and mimic the textures of metals (when she took on the form of Magneto and his helmet). She also clearly stated that she is always naked and she merely makes her skin look and feel like other materials to fool others. [8:02:43 PM] Sweepy: ewwwwwwww [8:02:45 PM] Sweepy: it is her skin! lol [8:02:58 PM] Sweepy: lol! [8:03:01 PM] Dylan: yeah [8:03:04 PM] Sweepy: that's got so much perv potential [8:03:06 PM] Dylan: so if she can make flaps [8:03:13 PM] Dylan: she can make a hang gliding thing [8:03:19 PM] Dylan: so a gliding suit flaps [8:03:23 PM] Dylan: like in that video [8:04:18 PM] Sweepy: yeah [8:04:48 PM] Sweepy: lol. imagine going on the skytrain and sitting beside a hot person [8:04:52 PM] Sweepy: ooo, my clothes are touching you [8:04:55 PM] Sweepy: ooooOOOooo [8:05:08 PM] Sweepy: now i can't get that out of my heqad [8:05:09 PM] Sweepy: head [8:05:31 PM] Dylan: lolz [8:05:50 PM] Dylan: i guess they could get some clothes [8:05:53 PM] Dylan: and not be a fool [8:06:05 PM] Dylan: but i guess she never undresses infront of you [8:06:08 PM] Sweepy: where's the fun in that, though? [8:06:11 PM] Dylan: because she can't take her clothes off [8:06:17 PM] Sweepy: well maybe she can, but it hurts? [8:06:30 PM] Sweepy: and then it's all bloody underneath [8:06:30 PM] Sweepy: lol [8:07:08 PM] Sweepy: so it says mystique can regenerate her wounds by remorphing them [8:07:19 PM] Sweepy: so what if someone cuts off one of her arms or legs? [8:07:27 PM] Sweepy: does she just become her, but smaller? [8:07:35 PM] Sweepy: or could she.. idk, eat her arm or leg and them remorph back properly? [8:08:25 PM] Sweepy: Veteran X-Men writer Chris Claremont has stated in interviews that he originally intended for Mystique and Destiny to be Nightcrawler's biological parents (Mystique having morphed into a man for the conception), but Marvel nixed the idea for being too controversial, due to it being a point in time where writers were prevented from having a character be gay or bisexual. [8:08:37 PM] Sweepy: that's kinda weird. you'd think that nightcrawler would be a girl [8:08:51 PM] Dylan: why? [8:09:05 PM] Sweepy: because mystique is a girl and destiny's a girl [8:09:09 PM] Sweepy: there's not a y chromosome between 'em [8:09:19 PM] Sweepy: maybe mystique can change that, though? [8:09:33 PM] Sweepy: but then why would nightcrawler look like that if she did? [8:10:33 PM] Sweepy: i read about this shapeshifter who could change her sex [8:10:42 PM] Sweepy: and then whenever she changed into a guy and fathered children, they were always girls [8:13:02 PM] Dylan: oh [8:13:03 PM] Dylan: ahha [8:15:44 PM] Dylan: hmm [8:15:46 PM] Dylan: well i guess [8:15:55 PM] Dylan: if you can shape shift [8:15:58 PM] Dylan: all bets are off? [8:16:04 PM] Sweepy: works for me. lol [8:16:10 PM] Dylan: well [8:16:19 PM] Dylan: if she's able to change her cells on the genetic level [8:16:30 PM] Dylan: that means she should excrete crazy protiens and stuff [8:16:43 PM] Sweepy: maybe she just vomits them up as like a ball of... [8:16:45 PM] Sweepy: stuff? [8:16:55 PM] Sweepy: or maybe she keeps them and eats them later when she has to change back [8:16:57 PM] Dylan: or like out of a gland [8:17:05 PM] Sweepy: i guess she could *make* herself a gland [8:17:11 PM] Dylan: yeah [8:17:19 PM] Dylan: convert sweat glands [8:17:21 PM] Sweepy: seems easier to just poop them out, though [8:19:49 PM] Sweepy: wait, why am i talking about coprophilia again? [8:20:15 PM] Sweepy: CURSE YOU CHRIS CLAREMONT
  4. imsleepy

    Why You Should Never Go On A Chinese Tour

    Psh! But you still get to go to runefest!
  5. imsleepy

    Why You Should Never Go On A Chinese Tour

    So far China has been really beautiful and kinda strange. Beijing's been industrialized to the point where I wanted to, I could sorta pretend that it's Richmond, but every once in a while I'll see a billion bikes ride past or a huge flipping tour bus drive by six inches from the one I'm in Then five people will jaywalk across the street and almost get run over and then I'll be like, yeah... Not Canada. I don't know what I expected hotel-wise, probably the room to be flooded with panda semen and the desk clerk to open his mouth and have an endless stream of bedbugs pour out or something, but it's actually a really nice hotel. There's a huge flatscreen tv and of course, there's internet otherwise I wouldn't be posting this. Then there's the swimming pool, gym and buffet every morning. Then again, I didn't really get to take advantage of most of this stuff firsthand, because... The tours are frickin' 14 hours long nonstop and most of it is spent waiting for people who don't ever seem to stop peeing. They don't even give you 10 minutes to check out the souvenir shop or go to McDonalds to grab a drink that won't give you horrible diarrhea. Then they take you to three different places, one of which is guaranteed to be a 1-2 hour long infomercial (aka a tea shop) and the tour guide NEVER STOPS TALKING. NEVER. So if you want to sleep on the bus, good luck. Personally I feel really sorry for the tour guide, who has to stand and talk for 14 hours every single day for seven days a week.
  6. imsleepy

    We Are The 99%

    I wish I could watch but it seems like youtube's been firewalled as well.
  7. imsleepy

    Fu China, Firewalling Google Docs

    Oh yeah. I'm in Beijing.
  8. imsleepy

    Over 3.7 Million Articles...

    And yet somehow Wikipedia is running out of articles to feature. How the frick is this a featured page? It's not even so much the subject but the fact that there are all of 8 paragraphs in it. Flipping meowth has a bigger page than that. :(
  9. imsleepy

    New High-level Prayer Potion

    Oh thank frickin' GOD that they didn't rename Prayer to Devoutness or something incredibly stupid that sounds exactly like another skill.
  10. Been really busy this week frantically trying to get all the hides tanned for the bonus xp weekend, and it's not like we need the extra resources anyway... so nothing from Sessalisk this week. Here's Sleepy's, though:
  11. They already have those sorts of pictures on the cigarette cartons in Canada. A friend of mine who worked at a gas station said that people would come in to buy a pack of cigarettes and specifically ask for ones that didn't have pictures of rotted body parts on them. :(
  12. imsleepy

    Pokewalker More Accurate Than Pedometers.

    Doesn't work very well on cats, though. Only got about 300 steps on there after a full day. *or* Sleepy's cat could just be really lazy. Sleepy got a PS2 some time in 2001, about ten years ago. Since then she's had dozens and dozens of DVD players, all of which, break after only a couple of months of watching pirated porn use. And yet despite being used constantly, as a DVD player as often as a game console, the PS2 still works as well as the day she got it. In Sleepy's opinion, part of the reason why they're still being made is because people are just buying them to replace their shizzlety-ass DVD players.
  13. Sorry to go off-topic... but wait... what?! you can survive for a hell of a lot longer than three hours without shelter. That aphorism either needs more context (naked? at what temperature? in harsh sunlight? during heavy physical exertion? etcetera...) or it's horribly wrong. Might be interesting to know that you can survive without drinking for long periods of time (theoretically indefinitely) as long as you're provided with moist food. The "8 glasses of water a day" myth doesn't factor in the water contained in food. So if you're eating watermelon for every meal, you're prolly not going to die of thirst anytime soon. Back on topic: This phenomenon explains why so many children are abused by their step-parents, and Sleepy was wondering if their older son was abused as well, since he must be their step-mother's child. Perhaps it was their stepmother that was instigating the abuse, and their father was either following through on it or couldn't give enough of a crap to intervene.
  14. imsleepy

    The Branches Of Darkmeyer

    Is anyone else getting that glitch that won't let you store the Darkmeyer costume in your fancy dress box?

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