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    My Respect and friend list :)

    Mushra - She lives in the country and i wana live in teh country
    Camo Deere - She seems like a nice girl to hang out with
    Christene - :wub:
    Amy - She likes anime :lol: need i say more?
    Dana - She'll tell me her cookie reciepe!
    Grecia - I wana hang out with someone who's cool :)
    Queen Missy - She must live somewhere where it's desterted
    Cold Princess - Because she's cold :lol:
    Lerenzie - Because she puts the 'Zie in Zietyness!
    Taz - She fun and an athleate in gymnistics (sp)
    Cow queen - She loves cows :P

    123man - He seems intresting
    Cxkslie - CxK oldie and ranter FTW :P SPAMMMMMER
    Fraff - Because he's the godfather himself
    Meen - Because he's Meen :P and a nice guy
    Metalkon - Because he kon who metal :blank:
    Psv (Murteh) - Just because :blah:
    Lempy - Because he's Templarush :xd:
    Mal - He's a monkey too :P
    Flumm - Arrrrrr :pirate:
    Common - He must be full of wisdom
    Hugthechef - huggies FTW! ^_^

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  1. wort wort wort

  2. Beret

    Man it's been a while

    Not much, mate.
  3. Beret

    The last person to post here wins

    awww yeah top of the thread
  4. Why do we send cargo on ships and shipments in cars?

    1. Angel Hayley

      Angel Hayley

      Oh my god I will never look at the words the same way again

  5. Beret

    what in tarnation

    beret was here
  6. Beret

    Beret's Log Entry 67

    Fantastic pitches, I'm almost proud, but no. Watch as we topple the galactic federation by changing a 1 to a 0.

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