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  1. Cleaning out my old email and noticed some emails from Sal's and I figured I'd log on and check out the site. Shout out to Sobend for kicking it on here... wow. I remember right as I got out of this scene you were just awarded your Distinguished Member title. I use to be a serious Runescaper from 6th grade - 10th grade (2006-2011) and now that I'm a freshman in college and haven't played since early high school I don't mind telling people I use to spend hours on end sitting in front of my computer playing. I would say most of my friends knew that I was seriously into the game. I still have the letter Jagex sent to me asking me to become a Player Moderator that I have showed friends. Oh how I've missed those silver crown days.
  2. W1Z


    Hey there Sal's. Long time no talk. I have a simple question on one type of problem. Without using a calculator, find the value (using trigonometric functions): cos π sin 17π/2 tan 5π/4 cos -5π/3 sing -3π/4 Our school's textbook isn't helping me at all. Could someone solve and explain how to get these values without using the calculator, please?
  3. "freak poop" stackby reggie watts
  4. W1Z

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    some of you fellow salmanders should add me on xbox live. my gamertag is: Kidt1277 i'm usually on blops.
  5. i text my bro posiedon and he sets off a whole-ocean whirlpool that is set out to suck in just partyhats. i wait at the bottom for the phat and it falls gently into my arms. the whirlpool disperses.
  6. W1Z

    Gr8 Achieve I Never Dream Be4 Of This

    wow matt, almost maxed. good stuff.
  7. W1Z

    The Skill Log Of W1z

    i changed my name from "W1Z K1LL1NG" to "i text haiti" thanks max c: my stats are already pro enough , thank you. i'm waiting for them, haha. thanks kiri. tyty, i wish, i saw someone yesterday with 114M. thanks..ya rite, wat ya think i am, think i am blake? i!know!right!
  8. oh yeah sophomore yeah like me yeah *sophomore=year 10 in us* good job with the whips and goodluck with the cash making.
  9. W1Z

    The Skill Log Of W1z

    thanks scaper, add me :b? thank you stormer tyty, but 56 attack cus im v pro, and ur not v pro cus u died, lol im hurryyinggggg uppp! thanks gogl.
  10. W1Z

    Scaper's Log To The Epic Pure!

    you and hero are some barrow noobs <3 grats on 90 range, the two drops, and 60 fletch my 1def friend!
  11. W1Z

    The Skill Log Of W1z

    thanks scaper, first and only post :l
  12. W1Z

    The Skill Log Of W1z

    i'm sorry to hear that, gogl. keep ya head up, bro. thanks though. firemaking

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