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  1. Pupsicle

    Your Formal Wear

    That anti-fire shield wasn't meant to be there, removed now. But yeah, you're right, the colours don't blend that well, or at all... But for some reason I just like the way it looks. Maybe it's because it kinda suits my personality but if you don't like, hey, your opinion. What do you mean, 'a bunch of crud'. That sara body cost me a hole 350k !!11!SHIFT1!!!1!!11 ~Fear
  2. Pupsicle

    Your Formal Wear

    Random clothes that formed a look, I actually quite like it. Getting 98 hunter tomorrow then 99's not far away :D . So will be replacing spottier cape with Hunters Cape :) I was thinking about having a Black Cav to go with it but I don't want to waste 400k yet on a hat. I mean, i only have 20m ^_^ Haven't seen it around before so I'm guessing it's unique...YAY unique!! ~Fear
  3. Pupsicle

    Glitchy Topic

    Ok, so i was on my new tanker-thingy and when I leveled something wierd happend... I made it so that when I level range I also level deffence at the same time. But when I leveled this time I also got 9 combat, which I though was cool-ish. Then I also got 50 total milestone. This made 4 achievements in 10 seconds but when I checked my stats page it came up saying that I had 51 total level. I'm thinking this happend because of 3 achievements at once the game could update itself properly but I can't be sure. Bad Jagex! You stole one of my levels ~Fear
  4. Well the point is that the guy in guilded armour has 99 summoning and is in a f2p world. Probably showing off. Anyways, nice find especially since your f2p. 99 summoners don't usually go to f2p unless they're showing off, like I said before. But you should post this in the 'Famous people sticky' at the top of the page. Or click here. ~Fear
  5. Pupsicle

    Rsvideo: Alone In Your Poh...

    Oh im sorry joke, here this pic is a little less scary: And Amanda I've got a question for you that i forgot to ask before: What program did you use to make this vid? I'm guessing Sony Vegas But I'm not sure. I'd like to know 'cause I'd like to use it. Thanks In advance. ~Fear
  6. Pupsicle

    Rsvideo: Alone In Your Poh...

    Well i definatly dont't... :o Not all news reporters are cheesy...well atleast some aren't...sorta... but you're right, they're all evil. I mean just look at this guy: You can definenatly see that he's evil. Look at his eyes, EVIL Yes the spoiler is needed... No it means it's terrible and you doomed as all, again. Yes, you do good. Well depends on what you mean by good...but yes You do good. And please make more, it would be very awesome. ~Fear
  7. Pupsicle

    Rsvideo: Alone In Your Poh...

    Arr great now I'm hungry, thirsty and I wonna dance....thanks...But really that was funny, looks quite professional and very well done. But I've just got to ask...who acually does that in their POH? I mean come on, nobody really goes to their Poh just to listen to music, get drunk and eat cake....right? Although that does sound like a good idea...Just one thing I dis-like... the news reporter. Her pixels are moving all over the place and see looks, well evil. But I do hope to see more of the "RS Newscast". ~Fear
  8. Pupsicle

    My Friend And I Are Lvl 1000 =Þ

    OK, You must of messed up the picture's code so here try these: [URL=http://img339.imageshack.us/my.php?image=naamloostp1.png][IMG=http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/8937/naamloostp1.th.png][/URL] That's a link to your picture using image shack. Or you could use this one: BTW, the first code is all one code. [IMG=http://i35.tinypic.com/2ngfujn.png] This one is a cropped(spelling) version of the picture that i did in like 10 seconds. I hosted it on tinypic and got the direct forum picture. So if you post the code it comes up this the picture and not thumbnail or a link. The tinypic one would probably be your best option. And second, post here, in the glitchy topic sticky. P.S. ~Fear
  9. Pupsicle


    Wow 13th 99, now that's really nice! Goodjob on 99 attack and maxed f2p melee. Also congrats on 136 combat, not long 'till 138. So what's your new goal, another 99 maybe? Slayer would be a good one. Well whatever your next goal is goodluck on it. ~Fear
  10. Pupsicle

    I Have Killed Ye Scurvy Devils 85 Times Over.

    Pirate :( + 85 attack= Pirate with strong sword Going for 99? Well your 1/4 of the way there. Just think of it like this: you only have to level to 85 3 more times, doesn't seem that hard, now does it...I think I'm just making it harder... Anyway goodluck on 99 or whatever you planning to get. ~Fear
  11. Pupsicle


    Big congrats man, 94 mage is an awesome achievment. But wait...you are 59 combat? Holy thats nice, thats nice. Now finish D.T. and get ice barrage to make money at duel arena. ~Fear
  12. Pupsicle

    Your Mum For The Win!

    hahaha now that is funny! At first I didn't get it I just thought to looked up 'your mum' but... Rofl I just can't stop laughing ! Nice find man. To think, somebody acually has that name... and is ranked... well sorta. And even more lol, Your Mum owns you in mining :( . ~Fear
  13. Pupsicle

    My Bank And Stats

    Bank- 7/10-Pretty good bank, although its messy, but whose isn't? Stats-7/10- Your combat stats are pretty woven together, all within the 70s. Your non combat stats are pretty good specially your cooking, woodcutting and mining but the others could use some work. How you could improve: I'd suggest getting all your stats to about 60+, this shouldn't be too hard seeing as most are around that mark anyways. With your summoning, seeing as it's your lowest skill I'd use Tears of Guthix then lamps and those charms to raise it to about 40+. AFter that go hunt various creatures for charms. I'd hunt Giant rock crabs and kalphite soldiers. Use these charms to get to about 48-50 summoning, and you could leave it there. If you want to get 60 then go for it but it'll be a bit harder. For farming buy a fair few curry seeds, some maple tree seeds, alot of baskets of bananas, few baskets of oranges and some super compost. Pour the super compost onto each farming patch then plant as many curry seeds as you can, remember to pay the farmer 5x basket of bananas for each tree. Next go and plant your maples seeds, and again remember to pay the farmer 1x basket of oranges. Now each tree takes like 15 hours to grow, so while they are, try getting your other stats to 60. After about 16 hours check your trees and BAM, easy xp. Continue untill desired level. Also if you want to can plant other things like bushes and any other thing. Help: plant your trees at midday, that way they should be ready by mourning. Most of your other skills will be easy to get to 60 so goodluck and I hope this helped you. If you need anymore help, just PM me with the question. P.S: The things I told you should work but may not, depending on how you do them. If anything doesn't work, PM me k? I don't mind. ~Fear
  14. Pupsicle

    75 Defence Achieved

    Dragonfire sheild=ownage, if you buy one that is... Congrats on 75- defence, now you have to finish Summer's End so that you can get those shields unless you have, of course. Tbh I don't know what those shields are or if they're good or not. But meh, goodluck on 75 strength and 99 fishing not too long to go. ~Fear
  15. Pupsicle

    99 Cooking

    Can you cook me dinner? I'm not allowed to touch the stove. Good job on getting 99 cooking, no more burning fish for you. Getting trimmed cape feels good doesn't it- does it? i Don't know yet.... Goodluck on your future goals, whatever they are. ~Fear

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