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  1. Death

    A rant

    If you're using Reddit for anything other than cat pictures or r/gonewild, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Death

    USA Government Shutdown

    The worst thing about this situation is that this isn't the end. John *****er is going to lose this and everybody knows it, but the Republicans will find other ways to interfere with the process. That's the problem with this kind of system. Politicians are supposed to be looking for compromise and win-win scenarios, but instead they seek win-lose scenarios and our elected officials are so immature that instead of conceding defeat they'd rather drag their feet until something gives. You know our system is a joke when it's so broken that a party can effectively block all legislation, even without consent of the majority of its members.
  3. Death

    USA Government Shutdown

    House Republicans are hilarious. They're like the kid who strikes out, then steals the ball and calls everyone else cheaters.
  4. Nevermind guys. Good old system restore did the trick. Close 'er up.
  5. Today I downloaded a program on my computer that came with something extra; an annoying little piggyback program/search engine named Delta Search that hijacked my chrome. I went into control panel and uninstalled the search engine and toolbar, and I disabled the add-on that they put on my browser. The problem is that whenever I try open a new tab in Chrome, it still brings me to the page for their search engine. http://www1.delta-se...13_wc1&tsp=4972 How do I bring my new tab page back to normal?
  6. As of about a week ago, every time I try to shut down my laptop I get the force shutdown window telling me something is still running, but nothing comes up in the window. If I wait about 10 seconds it'll just shut down normally. More of an irritation than anything else. How do I figure out what program(s) is causing this problem? I haven't installed anything new recently.
  7. http://consumerist.c...frequently.html
  8. Death

    Metal Thread

    Paul Masvidal from Cynic. He's a musical genius and he lives a clean and religious life. Oh and Dave Mustaine because he's hilarious.
  9. Death

    Energy Drink Nation

    This stuff is great. Even their ad is total win.
  10. Death

    Modern Rock Discussion

    Any other Porcupine Tree fans on here? One of my all time favorite rock bands. Steven Wilson has such a great attitude toward music and so much talent as a songwriter that it's not even funny.
  11. Ratchet and Clank is one of my all time favorites. Yugioh: Duelists of the Roses also. That game was addicting.
  12. Death

    An Asteroid Will Miss Earth By This Much...

    And I'm watching Armageddon right now. :(

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