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  1. Arapaho

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  2. Arapaho

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    first post since april 2010............................. ITZ DIFFRENT NOW I KNOE NO [email protected][email protected]#!
  3. Arapaho

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday everyone! :) I haven't been on this forum forever though....
  4. Arapaho

    Anyone Remeber Me....

    Yeah so i left for like 5 months or something because I got bored...But now its summer Ive come back! What happened in the like 5-8 months i was gone? Hopefully I still have some people i know on here... Oh and by the way, i had the UNC logo as my avatar before they won the NCAA championship, even though i clearly remember a few who said they wouldn't win on here ;)
  5. Arapaho

    Randomness- Dont Let This Die!

    Hot N cold is a song by katy perry
  6. Arapaho

    Randomness- Dont Let This Die!

    Cool is the new hawt
  7. Arapaho

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Woot! Great band, I've loved them forever, super funky. P.S. What does everyone think of The Cure? :( I like some of The Cure's stuff, and I find some of it boring and uninteresting. My favourite Cure song would have to be A Forest, I love it. Obviously Boys Don't Cry and Love Cats are classics. I'm even very, very fond of End Of The World. Atmosphere are amazing. Check them out: God's Bathroom Floor, , God Loves Ugly, You, Puppets, Painting, . (Strong language to be found in all) That is a sick line up! I would kill anyone and anything to see MBV live! Just let me at em! The Black Kids? There is a band called Black Kids (who aren't very good) but the band playing Coachella is The Black Keys (who are awesome). But then Coachella always has amazing lineups. This year is no different: MBV, TV on The Radio, Beirut, Morrissey, Leonard Cohen, Atmosphere, Fleet Foxes, Antony and the Johnsons, Lykke Li, Late of the Pier, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Public Enemy, The Cure, White Lies, The Presets, Black Keys, Noah and The Whale... Et cetera. Thanks for the reccomendations! A few bad words is fine with me, so I like it :o !
  8. Arapaho


    Or just take off the one :P Pretty cool, I expected it to be crappy and it wasnt :(
  9. Arapaho

    Truth Or Lie- You Choose

    LIE! The next person likes impersonating random people
  10. Arapaho

    Wielding A Pie

    Interesting find..Ive never tried this before Havent heard of it often either
  11. Arapaho

    Music Recomendations Thread

    I cant believe im saying this: I need a rap recommendation ( ) I dont listen to rap that often but i was wondering if theres a similar rapper to Daddy Yankee or Kanye West I could listen to...
  12. Arapaho

    Randomness- Dont Let This Die!

    Peanut Butter Jelly time!
  13. Arapaho

    Rate The Above Song

    9/10 I love that song >.< Its freddy mercury's voice, it doesnt sound indian, instead it sounds really clear! Hypnotize-S.O.A.D
  14. Arapaho

    Truth Or Lie- You Choose

    False >.< The next poster is eating something while typing

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