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  1. joshrogan

    Listen to me my men

    I'm not liking the idea of this, ECHO OF SILENCE is an extremely no honour clan and can't be trusted, no doubt they'll bring disrepute to our boards.
  2. joshrogan

    Esk Vs The Sabres

    Funny you say that bcuz last time i checked The sabres pulled 28 on their last war. We tought Ts would be a great apponent for esk but seems that time + date wasnt so good for them. try to challenge clans/teams that aren't at a disadvantage member list wise.
  3. joshrogan

    Type With Your _______

    hjkmxdnbhrftvkko bvxsnhb meant to be "joshrogan" typed with front of fist.
  4. joshrogan

    tdude5 & amourking04 DM

    nice kill man! 22 users reading this ATM nice topic title luring lol.
  5. joshrogan

    Pure Or Allrounder For New Pvp?

    id say the wilderness will be multi combat and varrock fally ardouge etc. will be single
  6. joshrogan

    Skill Capes

    there ok the way they are some of the things like 2 logs,ores wouldnt work it should be you cut faster rather than get more than 1
  7. joshrogan

    Desert Treasure.

    yes pray 43 is a must not a req but fighting the monsters will be easier with pray dude and gl
  8. joshrogan

    Money Making Rewrite

    very nice guide guys the old guide was really out of date
  9. its about people who want to track there achievements and boast to others.i like them very much as i like reading them while training in giant spiders but always in cornor of screen like now lol
  10. joshrogan

    Could I Make It?

    bh is extreamly hard i suggest having a very high attack and strength and under 50 defense to keep combat within 100 but but for p2p around 75 att 99 str 70 def 52 pray 99 range 99 mage(with ancients) 99 hp and it will be around 108-109 combat with these stats
  11. joshrogan

    Rate My Ranger Guy

    im not rating but your slayer goal is extreamaly hard and will take a very very extravery long time to complete
  12. joshrogan

    Pures, Beware

    wildy owns1 made a video about this lol i find it rather funny
  13. joshrogan

    Pkpetes Bh Gallery

    nice 1 items pks dude
  14. joshrogan

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    very nice stats man

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