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    hanhan jr
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    fishing but my fav is always changing
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    800 sumthin
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  1. hanhan jr


    if your using paint, make your pic save it go to Photobucket make an account if you dont have one and upload your saved document! after it is uploaded you will have 4 codes under the picture: chose the one that applies to you NOTE: when uploaded, the picture is at the beginning, not the end...idky.
  2. hanhan jr

    Is Your Rs Hobby A...secret?

    some ppl i know play but not much and we all keep our mouths shut about it...i mostly dont talk bout it cause im a girl, i only no of one other girl that plays too.
  3. im working on fishing for 99 right now then would be: mining fletching (easy)
  4. they r putting full world pvp like rs classic. i liked scamming ppl! lol jk...but i did do that to ppl i knew from school and they didnt care. the only thing that made rs suck is the trade limit. even though mine is like 12,000 if your friends have lower quest points and u wanna give em something the limit is 3,000! blah...
  5. hanhan jr

    "drop All" Feature

    not really, u still need to catch the fish
  6. hanhan jr

    "drop All" Feature

    ok well im trying to get 99 fishing and i usually drop my fish. this usually wastes a lot of time. an option for "drop all" would be really usful (not just 4 fish). post if you think so too.
  7. hanhan jr

    Music For A 99 Skill...

    not true, there is free music.... -youtube -mp3 download sites -pcplanet -videocure good luck to 99!
  8. hanhan jr

    How Do I Fast Money?

    mine then sell ess or fish for swordies
  9. hanhan jr

    Chain Farming

    if you pay the farmers there they will look after them...they stay alive for 2 weeks (maybe more but thats when i remembered about them:) )
  10. I heard from my friends that fly fishing trout and salmon is the fastest way but i usually harpoon swordies and tuna. my fishing level is 59 (8k xp til 60) and im goin 4 99. im gonna try to make 68 a goal first though cause 99 is way to big a picture from 59. any suggestions? (i usually fish in catherby but if there is a faster way please include that in your post.) thx.
  11. hanhan jr


    i would go with: A mix of dragon and bandos Whip, dragon scimmy, or god sword boots of lightness if your traveling and they look kool with red and grey lol fire cape tiki mask...jk, probally dragon med helm or no helm
  12. hanhan jr

    Would You Rather...?

    my own island! whould you rather :( ur mom or kill your best friend?
  13. ex haha. im laughing at nex poster. :(
  14. hanhan jr

    The Word Association Game.


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