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  1. Mickinator14

    Frost 90+ F2p Combat

    Frost 90+ F2P Combat or 85+ F2P Combat with 85+ Mage/Range Frost is a NEW, FRESH, VIBRANT clan that is determined to shake the clanning world! We are completely new on the scene however it is being led by members with vast experience. We have many FUN, UNIQUE events planned with a Summer Skilling War set for mid-July! I guarentee once you join Frost you won't want to be in any other clan. It's a great community, you'll make many friendships and most importantly, you'll have fun. So join the launch! Leader Mickinator14 Ice Council P 0 0 N3 Kool Kris20 Steer40 Memberlist:http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanfrost Site:http://z3.invisionfree.com/Clan_Frost/ IRC Channel: #Frost
  2. Mickinator14

    ..:: Silverdawn ::.. 105+ F2p

    All are welcome to join. Just post an app on our site and you'll be accepted.
  3. Mickinator14


    Hey, it was a great war and was very close, both sides fought very well and I saw good tanking and piling on both sides. Here are screenshots I took: Warrers: Me (97 combat), Bennykelly, Scott Web, Talon2 0 and Andrew Gibb. Was a close war with it ending as a 1 vs 1. It was unfortunate that both sides lost a member due to lagging out though so I will be after a rematch when we're not warring anybody. Gf Extinction, you fought well.
  4. Mickinator14

    ..:: Silverdawn ::.. 105+ F2p

    Silverdawn FTW. A rapidly growing awesome clan.
  5. Mickinator14

    Db V Sd

    Well, first thing that hit me was your spamming "Mick Scared?" even though I was in the hospital on a drip... Nice one DB... But other than that from what I've been told by my clan who went to our war you attacked when you were supposed to defend. My clan didn't have a chance to pot, pray or be prepared. As Ikke said, DB also had non-DB there. Sad. But if you choose to win your wars this way then congratulations DB and may you win many wars like this in the future. Truth is, you could have won without cheating easily, so I don't really see the point.
  6. Mickinator14

    Db Vs 3xtermination

    Wow so it looks like DB win the majority of their wars this way, from what I've been told by my clan who went to our war against DB they did exactly the same thing. They attacked when they were supposed to defend. My clan didn't have a chance to pot, pray or be prepared. I also heard you had non-DB there. Sad.
  7. Mickinator14

    Dangerous Business Declares

    Declaration accepted. Saturday 23rd February. P2P. All combat styles allowed. Memberlists stay as they are. No boundaries. I think it's pretty obvious who has the upper hand, but Silverdawn will go in and show a good fight and show honour like Silverdawn always have. Silverdawn ftw!
  8. Mickinator14

    Dangerous Business Declares

    http://db-rs.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=932 That's actually on your site, two threads under my declaration. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=199523 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=199525 There you go. And I'll have to discuss this with my High Council, you out level and out number us. We declared on you after looking at the ml on your site which clearly isn't the right ml that you use for wars.
  9. Mickinator14

    Dangerous Business Declares

    Could I please have a look at the memberlist please? Would be nice for you to actually post it so I could see what we'll be warring if I accept, considering the memberlist on your site is apparently wrong, which is how you've owned a few clans in the past. And also, when you came into my IRC earlier I did decline because we currently have two wars already planned. And btw, I declared on you after you made THREE posts flaming Silverdawn, two on Sals. After you flamed my clan I declared on you for it's honour which you then declined claiming we had inactive in our ml. Lmao. In a Full Out us having inactives would make it a lot easier for you to win. This is another thread about us you've now brought to Sals so let me see your ml and I'll definately consider owning you guys.
  10. Silverdawn versus Attack In Multi 10 versus 10. - 1 week prep - P2P This was a great fight for Silverdawn, a very quick victory which saw SD only lose one person. SD starting people: 10 AIM starting people: 9 SD ending people: 9 AIM ending people: 0 The rules were; every combat style allowed, no boundaries, P2P. So it was a very open war with no strict rules. One of their men didn't get to the war in time, we had already waited for 15 minutes so we went in without. SD took an early advantage, the war was over within ten minutes so I didn't actually see how many they had left when we lost one of our men. AIM were very good magers however they needed to work together more, they were outlevelled but SD did great to take them out so swiftly. Was an awesome victory and was very clean, with both sides showing a great attitude before, after and during. GF AIM.
  11. Mickinator14

    Db Beats Sd

    Lol I actually arranged with Matt, a fun unofficial war because my clan was bored. I also said that no forums were involved because it was unnofficial and short prep. I didn't attend the war and so you should have came to me as leader of Silverdawn if my clan acted in any way anti-social. How I can do anything about it if the first time I hear about it is through a post on Sals? Which shouldn't have happened anyway considering the nature of the war. But gf anyway I guess.
  12. Mickinator14

    To Silverdawn

    As leader of Silverdawn I'm wondering why I have found out about this through your flame bait post? If my members didn't take the loss well or flamed you then you should have came to me and not tried to make a show of my clan. Unnessacary.
  13. Mickinator14

    Chivalric Knights Defeat Silverdawn

    There was no reason to make this public, nobody here cares. Your attempt at making us look bad failed.

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