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  1. 619y

    Clan Wars & Gwd Guides

    well i dont play rs but its good to know that people are makeing guides to help others!
  2. 619y

    Sal's Event?

    what i say is........ GO DO IT WITH ALL SALS STAFF ,FRIENDS AND ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!
  3. 619y

    Fist Of Guthix

    what is it? tell 619y, what it is ok coz i wana know. i dont cer if it's 1 or 99999999999999999999999999999999.
  4. 619y

    How Do You Make Polished Buttons

    i thought u pickpocket a "H.A.M" member. den u get a vile then use it on the unpolished buttens... :) but then again, i am non-member........
  5. it an't hard the ansers are so obviess soz 4 spellings
  6. 619y

    I'm New To Sal's!

    welcome to our fav gide!!!! Please dont brake rules. trust me i lernt the hard way... -da 619er
  7. 619y

    99 Mage Non Member!

    ok. get to 99 then become a mem or just go mem you chose your ac
  8. 619y

    Rate Me

    So... um... rate me. if you haven't heard about me please don't post on this topic. 619y...
  9. thats kwl but... wat does scape mean?!
  10. 619y

    Easter 2008 - For All Players!

    i have done it.... :/ its kinda easy :) :) :/ :/
  11. 619y

    Skychi = Gone

    :) :/ what!?!?? ow man dudefish,skych... who's next zezima? :)
  12. 619y

    How Much Money U Got?

    ...... You people are 2 rich

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