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  1. inuashakent


    Even though it was a nice achievement, I'm saving that for 85/90/99
  2. inuashakent


  3. inuashakent


    Yep, there you have it, 5 more levels and I'm done
  4. Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming! :glasses:
  5. inuashakent

    <> 2 Cool's F2p Log <> | Closed

    Hey great log!!! I support you all the way :(
  6. inuashakent

    Ian's Roadtrip To 99 Cooking

    Good luck on your cooking goal! Its a long road but I'm sure you can do it!!! Also, check out my log please :P
  7. inuashakent

    I Am Corn, In A Can.

    Edit: "no, 2 computers, i don't see why its bad when you earn the items/cash youself...." is actually is against the rules, sorry :) Good luck on your goal! I also have a pure, but I quit on him... :P Well, good luck! and check out my post if you have the time
  8. inuashakent

    Pls Close

    Gratz on 33 Rc!!! Support you :) Post in my log if you have the time :P
  9. Added on a mini-guide! Hope you enjoy it!
  10. inuashakent

    Aduumzor's Log

    Good Going! Gratz on 75 Slayer!!! I have a slayer log too, post if you have the time :( its in my sig, and good luck!
  11. inuashakent

    Wasup's Gone Crazy (pt 2)

    Nice Log!!! I have 70 Rc myself :D I support you all the way!!! Check out my log too :glasses:
  12. inuashakent

    ~!~!vlads Log To 8 Capes!~!~

    I suggest you raise firemaking in non memb, or cook, as they are one of the few skills that is the same speed as member and non memb, or you can wc... Anyways! Good luck! P.S. Check out my post! I'm going for a high slayer level as well!
  13. Thanks Matt! I really do want 99 Hp though...
  14. Thanks for all the support guys! Two Black mystic tops in the same run, and still going! Keep them coming!
  15. inuashakent


    Hey stupid I saw you at bloodvelds today, good luck on 99 Slayer! Check out my post sometime!

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