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    The elephant is a bonny bird
    it flits from bough to bough
    it builds its nest in a rhubarb tree
    and whistles like a cow.

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  1. Beret

    All glory to the HypnoTabt!

  2. I did an accidental save. Page 17 was very accurate. Very good, glad you're back up and running again. Only now I have to go back and read some old episodes to work out what the hell is going on!
  3. Sup fellow social distancers!
  4. Aww my crown went bye bye.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Yuanrang


      THIS... IS... LIL



      *kicks Sobend into the basement*

    3. Arianna







    4. Fake
  5. Tabt

    UK part 2

    I hope you have fun!
  6. I'd be happy to meet up if you come down south! They speak both languages in Wales, people will be able to understand you so dont worry!
  7. Welcome Renegade! I don't think I could do iron man, it seems too much like hard work! Whats the trickiest thing you've come up against so far?
  8. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    You....you don't appear to be a bear.
  9. Tabt


    ...out of a cannon.
  10. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    Something something by name, something something by nature.
  11. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    I'm willing to chip in for this.
  12. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    I wouldn't say that "contained" is the right word either. They are practically spilling over.
  13. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    Is she wearing a cupcake case? I said "wearing" because I couldnt think of a more suitable word.
  14. Tabt

    Micael Fatia

    Wow I forgot how different the art used to look I'm the comic. And how much happier times were for the characters. :(
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