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  1. Woody


    Or are you just really, REALLY happy to see me? Dani, 95% of your posts are so rediculously inappropriate that 80% of them make me laugh. The rest make me feel empty and used, forcing me to sit under a hot shower for 45 minutes weeping inconsolably. Tell me; do you ever make it out of the bathroom? On a good day... rarely. Doesn't this happen to anyone else?? No just you, weirdo.
  2. Woody


    Hey! It's you guys! Yeah you guys!
  3. Woody


    So... How's it going? You like music? P.S I may or may not be back, depends how much I like you guys.
  4. Forum Name: Woody RuneScape Name: One Woody Member/F2P: Member Hunter yeah yeah!
  5. Let us not live in the past... Orly? 62 Farming and 70 Construction, another 70 down, yay...! 86 Slayer
  6. Yeah, I don't think I'll upload from the laptop any more. 80 Range, plus a few other levels, but there on my laptop and swiftkit doesn't like my laptop with the screenies.
  7. OMG! I thought I was the only one. :( 85 Defence and a clue that was somewhat rewarding.
  8. Congrats on 88 Slayer, 93 Attack, 81 Prayer and 94 Hitpoints. :(
  9. Congrats on 85 Agility and 92 strength. :(
  10. Congrats on making me feel like poo for not having 88 Summoning, oh and 85 range. :(
  11. Cheers. :( Does ring a bell.... Thanks. :D 89 Strength. 79 Range.
  12. Congrats on being a strength noob. :( Y U GET MONEY FROM BARROWS AND I GET NOTHING? :D
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