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  1. Amber


    I'm new i've played runescape for a while though. So yeah, hey :DD
  2. Amber


    You're not new No kidding
  3. Amber

    Myspace, Facebook, Twitter

    Facebook. Are you kidding me? Facebook sucks (co..nvm) myspace is sexy
  4. Amber

    Are You Addcited To Anything?

    Only my prescription medications
  5. Amber

    Do You Have A Mental Illness?

    I have depression and anxietys. And ADD. We're a sexy bunch
  6. Amber

    Do You Smoke?

    Or mooch off someone else. Can anyone else say, "party at that guy's house!"? Weed is also worse for you, too. And illegal. Alcohol is perfectly fine. Except the brain damage and all of that. But who needs a brain when your sorrows are gone? Alchohol is a depressant and bad for your liver
  7. Amber

    What Do You Do When You Are Blue?

    Cut my wrists if you want to know the truth
  8. Amber


    Hey, what's new? I feel doofy. I won't become active, I'm afraid I'll be constantly checking the computer again :/ But I just wanted to say hi, so...hi :/ Happy New Year :D I need to check out Mechscape...and Mechtopia! Wow. Lots of updates I'm sure. So have fun people, love ya :/
  9. Amber


    I'm gonna cry :D
  10. Amber

    Birthday And Inactivity

    Hey, you. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Want to see this entry? Click "Read More" instead of just looking at the preview. It makes everyone happy. So, do you wanna be happy? then click it. This message will appear in every blog entry until... I know, I've been really inactive, wasn't my fault, parent banned me completley from computers, even when I use them for school (homeschooled) they're literally watching over my shoulder. This chance is purely luck :lol: The 23rd was my birthday! :D I'm twelve now I got a digital camera! :D
  11. Is there a program that, with using a video file, the capturing program I use turns it into an MPEG file or something like that, you can convert the sound on it into a normal sound file? I hope I've explained myself, I want to convert the sound on a video file into a sound file. Help would be appreciated
  12. Amber

    Birthday And Inactivity

    I know, something about obsessive issues *cough*
  13. Amber

    The Civil War!

    Heh heh, I noticed that to I know my part isn't espeacily important, but if we get enough people in the near future I probably won't be able to make it
  14. Amber

    Magical Academy.

    I am so sorry about the inactivity, I was totally banned from computers a while back, whenever I could use the computer I was literally being watched I'm not going to be active Don't kill me off though 'kay?
  15. Can someone help me with IPBFree skins, I don't understand them, it has something to do with CSS (I don't know what that is ) and codes, but I don't get it, help please?
  16. Actually, it's 2:00 PM but I haven't had lunch. I had raisin bran and two pieces of toasted raisin bread
  17. Amber

    Is This Interesting?

    Hey, you. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Want to see this entry? Click "Read More" instead of just looking at the preview. It makes everyone happy. So, do you wanna be happy? then click it. This message will appear in every blog entry until... Well, there's a validating member named 'hanhan jr131', and I remember hearing that name before, so I searched the members and saw someone named 'hanhan jr' who was banned. Is this interesting? Or is 'hanhan jr' a popular name or something?
  18. I don't have enough time on the computer that has GIMP to get rid of the black stuff, so can someone do it for me? Thanks Also, if you know how to turn all white stuff to black or another color, tell me pl0x
  19. Amber

    The Dark Years

    "Why would we want to?" Ariel asked Crest, the hunter. "We enjoy drinking blood, we wouldn't stop just to spare a human or two."
  20. Amber

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    That's cool Le
  21. Amber

    The Dark Years

    OOC: Who's Bill? IC: "Erik, tell me about your religion," Arielexa asked, "My parents were to busy to tell me about it." She scowled at her chocolate ice cream and waited for a response.
  22. Amber

    The Dark Years

    OOC: IC: Hearing the little girl call her name, Ariel looked around, the humans formerly sitting across from her had left unsure what she was doing a little while ago, leaving her bored and staring longingly at the ice cream on display. She slid out of her seat and walked toward the booth. "So, why do you always sneak around like that? First you grab me from behind during that fight then you hid in Erik's bathroom and now listening in on our conversation? You're a weird little one eh?" The hunter shouted at her, she stopped and glared at him, hands inching toward her hidden knife.
  23. About ten or fifteen bucks. I keep another 110+ dollars in a snapple bottle though

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