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    NationStates : currently a memebr of the region of Equilism. <br /><br />Runescape : Yes im aware I go inactive more months on end, but I still like it.<br /><br />Also a WW2 fanatic, I also like 'stuff'.

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  1. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    How Did This All Happen?

    The almighty blood god Baal willed all creation into existance. Of course he exists outside nature.
  2. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    Dwarf Fortress

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slaves_to_Arm..._Dwarf_Fortress Dwarf fortress is err a strange game indeed. It is vastly immersive with far, far, far more scope than any civ building game ever and I mean that. The drawback of this is the graphic are prtty much non-existant (ASCII, well a titleset made up of pictures of ASCII) Graphical titlesets can be downloaded but the graphics of DF will awlays be primal at best. I almost forgot the MASSIVE learning curve, getting the hang of things takes awhile. But if you are willing to put time and patience into the game you will get ADVENTURE in return. It has no real system requirements but can cause lots of lag even in newer computers. A screenshot of the vanilla tilest. Well what I really should say is that it's really fun, if you're into building a thriving underground (or above ground) city from stratch, having your stuff stolen by monkeys, having your children stolen by Goblins, being attacked by elves for chopping down too many trees, capturing said monkey's/Goblins/Elves killing them and rendering their fat into soap, having anyone who ventures near the water being killed by carp, accidenlty flooding the fortress with water, magma or both and having your dwarfs finally break down from all crap you put them through, going berzerk and killing each other (and each others pets) with whatever they lay their hands on. Run on sentence, I know Those who are not yet convinced may wish to read the saga of Boatmurded, (Contains explicit language so don't click the link or it might turn you into a drug dealer or something. http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Boatmurdered/intro.htmlhttp://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Main_Page If you are interested you can find a tutorial on Fortress mode (the main focus of the game) below as well as on the the DF wiki (link above) the one below contains a download of the game with a graphical titleset and a pre-created world, it's how I learned to play. http://afteractionreporter.com/2009/02/09/...ess-part-1-wtf/ The tutorial has the "old" version. The latest version was released April 1st and contains lot's of bugs, notably being attacked by unkillable creatures, dwarfs melting in rain and "D-bola" a glitch cuasing a dwarf's fat to pressurize, their fingers and toes to explode and ribcages to eventually tear open. The last one may have been deliberate. Also the offical site is: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/dev_story.html PS I'm up for a Sals Realm succession game if anyone's interested.
  3. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    Help guise, I can't find Canada on the poll.
  4. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    The war grinds to a bloody halt "peace keepers" from San Marino are sent in. Soon both countries are the under dominion of the glorious republic.
  5. Mystery_Phill_666_Death


    Any argument can be won on 4chan by strawmen arguments, ad hominen and then pretending to leave because the people you are arguing with are being immature.
  6. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    Your Favorite Godsword!

  7. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Oh god, keep.
  8. Mystery_Phill_666_Death


    The website of the famous chinese law firm Chan, Chan, Chan and Chan.
  9. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    How Popular Do You Think The Above Poster Is?

  10. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    What Is Better New Zealand Or Austrailia

    Well he was still ours in Gladiator and Beautiful Mind.
  11. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    How Popular Do You Think The Above Poster Is?

    No, If I answered highly this would never get off 7/10
  12. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    What Is Better New Zealand Or Austrailia

    Keep Russel Crowe too, he's past his used by date now.
  13. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    How Popular Do You Think The Above Poster Is?

  14. Mystery_Phill_666_Death

    What Is Better New Zealand Or Austrailia

    I was pretty miffed at how Jackson portrayed the proud Orcish race.
  15. Mystery_Phill_666_Death


    I discover most of the new music I listen to on /mu/ I also discuss PC games like Hearts of Iron II/Europa Universalis III/Victoria and Dwarf fortress in /k/ and /tg/ because /v/ dosn't have the needed attention span.

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