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  1. Looking for a friendly, active clan. Must use TeamSpeak or preferably Ventrilo. Must be active Event wise(pking counts) + warring.(If it's a "specialty" clan, I understand warring won't be often). I do not wish to FA. Therefore, if I am close, or 10(ish) levels off your actual requirements. Let me know the requirements. If you want me to join, don't post the picture of your clan. I want a clan that actually attempts to recruit without using copy and paste. You can link me to your recruitment thread as well if you'd like. Username: Loggtsichaus Att: 1 Str: 1 Def: 77 Hp: 75 Pray:52 Magic: 71 Range: 81 Status: Member(P2P)
  2. Loggtsichein

    Climax Vs Esk

    We closed due to us playing private servers together more than rs lol, however we missed it, so we reopened
  3. Loggtsichein

    V V V V Rd

    Naicly D0n3
  4. Loggtsichein

    Climax Vs Esk

    VS ESK Rules Date: 24-10-2008 Time: 8:00pm EST Mass Time:7:30pm EST Opponent: Eternal Soul keepers Their ML: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=justin817 War Type: f2p-clan wars War Rules: F2P Matched options, Mid Boundaries, All styles allowed, No Infinite run, North Spawn Attacks, no mass snipe, post allowed. For Post: Yes Starting Overview We started out piling mechwolf101 as ESK started off piling me(loggtsichein). Eventually ESK got off of me. As we got mechwolf low on food, he decided running out of bounds would be his best option. After Mech had run out we chose justin. However, mech kept running back in bounds, maging and ranging, then running back out. Due to this, as he ran in bounds, we killed him by following him out of bounds a few steps. ESK continued randomly piling me throughout the war. Ending VIDEO G00D Fight ESK
  5. Loggtsichein

    Sed+vvv V Ubh

    Gewd Fyte UBH
  6. Loggtsichein

    Veni Vidi Vici Vs Dynasty Of Virtue

    Gewd Fiyt
  7. General Information Forums:Our Forums Members:Memberlist IRC:#C-Public War Records Wins Losses Draws Full Out:0-0-0 Mini Wars:6-3-0 Clan Leadership Leaders Loggtsichein Sky Flyyer High Council Zik55 Warlord Time To Pk 5 Event Coordinator Kjdogg1 Council Slot(s) Open About Climax Opened:August 2nd, 2008 Timezone:EST/GMT/Central/Pacific/Mountain(Pretty much all the common time zones) Climax is a small clan, yet very active. Generally we do 0-2 wars a day and 2-4 events a day. Our events are basically I guess you could say short prep events, where you just say, who wants an event, and you have one. Our main goal in Climax is to keep it a friendly clan. Climax was opened by a group of friends who wanted to stick together clan wise. When we get a new member, we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible when they first join. When we accept an application, it does not have to do with whether you know how to war or not. Your app is usually accepted based on your activity and your willingness to say social. If a newly accepted member does not know how to war, we will take some time out, and teach/reteach them what they need to know. We do not allow inter-clan flaming, or the flaming of other clans. If we challenge a clan and they flame us, whether we war them or not, We will not war them again. If we are flamed during a war, we do not respond. We are respectful during clan wars. Climax communicates using Ventrilo, SwiftIRC, Forums, and RuneScape. Climax Most Common Non-Warring Events Fight Pits:Definately a clan favorite. Whether we are piling, or just going as a group without piling, we enjoy fight pits. Bounty Hunter:We enjoy going to bounty hunter as a group, keeping pjers off, and fights fair. Rev Hunting:A few members like to kill rev's. So every now and then we head up to Chaos Elemental, walk around and look around for large groups of Revs. God Wars:Bandos is a favorite, It is a good money maker, and a good way to kill time. Please Keep in mind that these are just some of our most common events. This does not mean it is all we do. Climax Requirements 93+ Combat 1 Referral(must be confirmed) Use of SwiftIRC Use of Ventrilo(At least during wars) Forum Activity Willingness to learn how to war(If you don't know how or have forgotten) Willingness to be friendly/in-game active Applying To apply for Climax, you must first Register to our forums. After you register, you can find the Application on the Public Forums. You then copy the application, and paste it in a new topic. Fill out the application, and select submit. Your application will usually be looked at within the next couple hours. Things to think about before Applying Climax is basically a family and we want to keep it that way. We do not tolerate flaming. Most of our current wars are capped, but still in favor of the other clan. Climax is active daily, how active are you? Videos/Pictures Climax Vs. Impact(9v9, Impact fought down 1, However they had 1 more 120+ than us) Video Climax Vs. Adrenaline(8v8) Video Climax Vs. Thor(9v9) Video Climax + Friends Vs. Fight Pits(Fun Event) Video
  8. Loggtsichein

    Climax Vs Thor

    lmao, sorry for the misunderstanding, it was against pure hearts when this happened, however you did have a lvl 90 out of pray and low on food, and d00d was out of food as well =\
  9. Loggtsichein

    Climax Vs Thor

    If you'd like, I can go cut the part out of the video, where after that screen shot, two of your members got killed ^.o making it 4-0
  10. Loggtsichein

    The Shadow Closes.

    lol don't give him too much credit
  11. Loggtsichein

    The Shadow Closes.

    W00 this topic is getting long, but this post did catch my eye... I'm going to guess it was about me, seeing that I was one of the only clan friends that warred for TS Daily, without other clans knowing it. To correct some of this or clear it up. I "quit"(stopped warring for ts) because I got tired of timm37 talking about his clan members behind their backs. He did this on multiple occasions, in which I told him it wasn't right. TBH, I don't find that proper leadership, In fact, I find it pretty sad. However, Tim did want to feel power hungry and say he kicked me, yet I posted a leaving topic, keeping the reasons away from the clan(excluding the few members that were on at the time), yet Tim decided to reply, with some false information on my leaving post, then deleting my forum account for 2 weeks, I then went on another members Forum account to reply, he then suspended this members account, and continued to attempt to flame me without me knowing... What he didn't know, is I had people in the clan telling me what he said word for word. I then created a new account, and posted my reply, and final reply in public. He then deleted my account and banned my IP from the forums/IRC. He clames to have kicked me from the shadow, yet how do you kick someone who isn't in the clan?... the only thing he kicked me from was ventrilo. However, two members then threatened to leave unless I was allowed back in the clan(wasn't my idea) However, back to the topic... As Michelle had said, no one in suffocation was kicked from The Shadow, in fact the people that had been in the shadow, had left(duration of 1-2 months is my guess)... So the whole reason I posted this was basically to clear up some of Gt's lies... However in his defence, he did kick me from ventrilo at times as well... but just ventrilo
  12. Loggtsichein

    Climax Vs Thor

    I don't mean to be an jerk or anything, But we beat you in a 8v8 6-0 :P This is partially true, seeing that two of your guys got k0ed even when we had 1 left, so you ended with 4 , but this post was posted a day before you beat us :)... We aren't saying that we are gods, you won, you deserved it, so gratz =p... but we're now 6-2 because ph beat us as well before we warred sed... However, who knows the outcome if we didn't have a lag out, ph on the other hand, they may have beat us, but due to the flaming, even before the war, we will not war them again. Climax vs Seduction was a close fight, however we did have a lag out, in which if we hadn't, it would of been closer in my opinion. In the future I won't mind fighting sed again, but after ph stalled even pass the extra time we gave them, and the flame(before, during, and after) the war, we won't fight them again. with that said, grats on your wins sed and ph :)

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