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  1. Doom_of_gods

    Crimson Raiders!

    Nice to have more clans introing themselves to sal's, more competition is great
  2. Doom_of_gods

    Exodus Vs Syndicate

    Goodfight it was pretty intense going back and further
  3. Doom_of_gods

    The Vs Wl Pkri

    nice opts The, goodluck tomorrow.
  4. Doom_of_gods

    Dying At Your Computer Seat

    24 hour pkris son
  5. Doom_of_gods

    'the' Vs Tr

    holy nice opts
  6. Doom_of_gods

    Haoshu Banned From Sals

    the Greatest baller in rs banned
  7. Doom_of_gods

    Haoshu Banned From Sals

    goodfight to him
  8. Doom_of_gods

    Eclipse Vs. Akeldama

    Congratz Ecilpse
  9. Doom_of_gods

    Forgotten Templars Vs Exercitum

    Nice Ft never heard from you for awhile
  10. Doom_of_gods

    Triforce -vs- Mod

    gratz on the win Triforce.
  11. Doom_of_gods

    Your Sals List!

    1. Exodus- Stable atm we just need more members to get into the top 10 rsc 2. Gladz - Here i guess 3. Forgotten Templars - Quiet, should fight triforce or Gk in a run in 4/5 Triforce - Doing well fight GK 4/5 Genesis Knights - Looking solid fight Triforce
  12. Doom_of_gods

    Triforce 4 Ever

    join exodus
  13. Doom_of_gods

    Exodus Vs Genesis Knights

    Thanks for the fight GK you guys are underrated for sure :>
  14. Doom_of_gods

    The Jagex Cup

    Are you going to take part in the jagex cup? I'd recommend it considering the more clans involved the more focused Jagex will become with the clan world. http://forum.runescape.com/forums.ws?102,103,3,58502827

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