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  1. bryanqwert


    Generally, the average amount of potions made per hour is between 1200-1300.
  2. bryanqwert

    Help With Dag Kings

    The other option being, run in, kill supreme [i perfer to use balmung] then go back up the ladder to get prime off you. Now go back down and run along the side down to rex. As long as prime is far enough away when you come back down he wont bother you. Gear wise, just bring antipoisons++ and whatever mage gear you may need. Teletabs are important. ROL/ROW + prayer potions [you don't really need these unless you don't want to take damage luring]. You will also need Guthan's set to heal between kills on the spinolyps. A few brews + super restore would be helpful for food and restoring summoning points.
  3. bryanqwert

    Gettin' To The Fairy Ring

    Slayer ring -> Fremennik Slayer Dungeon = Closest teleport to a fairy ring [obviously not including using fairy rings.] Other than that i normally glory to Edgeville or teleport to Varrock.
  4. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    i tank u kno So do i kiddo
  5. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    *Starts a telly* Bandos Godwars: 0 Zamorak Godwars: 0 Saradomin Godwars: 1 (Tubby) Armadyl Godwars: 0 Corporeal Beast: 0 Dagannoth Kings: 0 Tormented Demons: 0
  6. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I come back and... Ah, it's all dead. Busy next weekend, but i can host something for y'all the weekend after if there's any interest? What boss kiddies?
  7. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    If i'm awake, i'll come. Overloads ftw
  8. bryanqwert

    I Need Ideas With....

    If you really want to level summoning, you should be killing bork daily, doing penguin hunting weekly and putting that xp on summoning. Also doing familiarisation and choosing the triple charm option and kill something with a high crimson charm drop [waterfiends, or bursting/barraging rock lobsters is good.] As you said you have done all the quests, Tormented Demons are very good for getting charms while getting a bit of money from a nice Dragon Claw drop Another thing you could do is start to boss, as someone else said before you still have stats that could be raised. If i were you, being a big bosser, my goals would be 96 summoning, 96 herblore, 95 prayer.
  9. bryanqwert

    Herb Farming

    Alternatively if you can get your hands on any "Compost Potion" you can use that on normal compost and it turns it into super compost! Very handy. But these are hard to obtain in large numbers. My advice, make super compost from pineapples or buy it on the Grand Exchange. Happy 'Scaping!
  10. bryanqwert

    Couple Questions

    I certainly believe that unless you are close to maxed and can afford good gear, soloing DKS or TDS is a lot better for making money than soloing GW bosses.
  11. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    There you go, I've attended a mass. Been awhile, tis good fun
  12. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Hmmmmm, well if i am *ever* awake and functioning at a mass time i can usally convince a few 125s+ to come along Although the 130s+ seem to becoming more and more common among my friends list. Just you wait till i have overloads Bandos! Chahahahahahahar :) Arma is always a good lol :) <3 Zammy, i'll remember to envy you all while i'm starting to wake up for school! EDIT: Oh, i'm happy to tank at bandos for you if i'm ever around :) Just flick me a pm.
  13. bryanqwert

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    You could be level 3, there are no requirements :) I'm looking forward to today's showdown with the beast Yeah, just 4-maned Corpy a few times :) Went well since we had 2 105-110s [w/o summ] and two 120s [w/o summ] :)
  14. bryanqwert

    Which Weapon?

    I personally liked to use a Dragon Scimitar until 70 Attack where i swapped to an Abyssal Whip. You'll need to complete Monkey Madness first however.

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