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  1. Ultra Smart

    Kaitlyn's F2p Skiller Log

    Nice log you got going and good luck with all your goals! Feel free to add my f2p skiller "Vulturea"
  2. Ultra Smart

    Kyos Hand-drawn Signature Shop

    Draw me sig with lots of fire and pyroness going on please.
  3. Ultra Smart

    Trouble With Emotes

    I had that problem until I allocated 512mb of ram to java following the steps provided by jagex I posted above afterwards no problem anymore "-Xmx512m" is what I typed into the options screen, without the "" ofc :D I tried this and even tried up to 812 but it still wont let me.
  4. Ultra Smart

    Trouble With Emotes

    I tried the above on Firefox and Safari, but it won't let me increase my particles, and the emote still doesn't work. When I try to change the particles it says 'RuneScape was unable to implement this setting.'
  5. Ultra Smart

    Trouble With Emotes

    Would you mind screenying your setting Jethraw? And I am playing on Safari, so should I change to Mozilla?
  6. Ultra Smart

    Trouble With Emotes

    Hey guys I got my firemaking cape the other day and the emote isn't showing up correctly, like i can't see the smoke when I do the emote, it just does the old emote. Any ideas on how to fix? I'm on a mac if that helps. Thanks!
  7. Ultra Smart

    Animorph 2's Progress Thread - Pure F2p

    I hope I can have as great skills as you in the future as a fellow F2Per, goodluck with 93 prayer and nice stats bro.
  8. Gratz Riz on 98 farming, hopefully I can make the party. Add 'Vulturea' hes my skiller im playing on right now. Hope we can talk soon bro...and START NO LIFING [email protected]!#[email protected] Ultra
  9. Ultra Smart

    How Do You Listen To Your Music?

    I usually listen with my Beats nuff said.
  10. Ultra Smart

    The Lord Of The Rings Online

    Game looks pretty interesting, what race should i be?
  11. Ultra Smart

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Thinking about buying Reach today, would that be the best Halo to buy if I wanted to play online? Thinking about Skate and NBA 2k11 too
  12. Ultra Smart

    N.a.e.p Testing

    My whole grade tookvit and it seemed pretty easy, I got reading so i just had to write like 10 responses per section. Only takes like 2 hours.
  13. Ultra Smart

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey guys just got an Xbox if anyone wants to add me just tell me you're from sals my gamer tag is XxFreestyliNxX. Any game recommends? I already have Black Ops.
  14. Ultra Smart

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Uncle sending me an Xbox today, but I'll still be on my Ps3 no worries :D When is the inFamous 2 release date again?
  15. Ultra Smart

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I looked them up and I liked them a lot too! If you like them I think you'd like the band Great Big Planes just found them through genius.

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