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    http://www.myspace.com/brianjoly or look me up on facebook :)

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    in the wild trying still trying to chop all those dead trees.
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    My interests are biking,runescape,MSN swimming hanging out with my friends.and in winter i do nothing at all! i hate winter!

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    Brian Joly
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    Brian Joly 2
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    Fishing (99) and Farming (79)
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    Chaotic Vitality (inactive)
  1. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    ==UPDATE============================= 1st things 1st, to be honest, i couldnt keep up with the current progress section. i been busy lately and i've felt it's really been a hassle to update that everyday (i know, i know, it's only 3 pics a day to upload. u can call me lazy if u want) so i deicded to get rid of it. =) sorry if it makes some of u unhappy, but stay joly pl0x! So it has been a long time my friends. i must appologize =) but here i am with this update(novel) ok so...i been busy...i havent kept u guys updated. i havent really been keeping up on fishing, been getting anxious to get out in the rs world and do stuff! other than catch sharks! yay! =o. hmm so where to start. i like to do the whole: "what do u want 1st, good news, or bad news" type o' deal, but in this case, good news or meh news =D P.S i like the 1st one the best =o *suspense* in other news, i've decided what my long term plan is. Although i change my mind lots, lots...haha. i think i will stick with this plan. Once i finish off my strength level through hand fishing i will have enough for 99 farming, or at least get close to it, im about 35-40m (not including p hat) away from 99. once i finish my str lvl off (about 10k sharks more) i hope ill have enough to get me most of the way, of course ill still farm snaps for profit.i already decided once i get 99 farm i will upgrade to green p hat haha =P so thats my plan. wont achieve for awhile tho. but i promise u, i will achieve =) Thanks for all the Feedback/Support! i really appreciate it! u guys have been very supportive even tho i do nothing but fish/farm haha =P and sorry if i've been a bit inactive lately, been short on time it seems =\ EDIT-wtf hapend to my log! all the code i had put it turned completely chinese....i never seen such a mess in my life. my log had no colors, i was missing some pics, random slash's in random places. like wtf. was completely destroyed! took me almost an hour to fix all the code again. i haven't been this mad since i was trying to get the "mile high club" achievement on call of duty 4 (which i got btw) if it's some mod pranking me. im going to kill your family =) if anyone notices stuff thats completely outta wack, please let me know so i can fix it. i'd greatly appreciate it =) i know theres lots of slash's still out there, that i have to sift through and delete... but *sigh* im taking a break for now haha.
  2. Brian Joly

    Birth Fate's Log Of Skilling His Way Up.

    What he said ^ ^ ^ ^ Sorry i been missing all ur PM"s on rs :P im quitting smoking, so im depressive and not talking to anyone haha. Congrats on 41 mining + others ;)
  3. Brian Joly


    Dam swat! nice log =) you werent kidding, it really did pick up fast. nice tho dude. good job, looking forward to seeing it get bigger and bigger, and get more packed with lovely pictures and achievements and such :lol: I see myself in one of ur pics ;) i remember that time :P oh yeah, ehem, how come im not in supporters hm? and how come you dont support my log HMMMM?? haha ;) Keep it up! congrats on the goals :P
  4. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    Haha thanks :D and GP's hard to come by with me, i always spend it. u know that :D so u wont be seeing much haha. and im a bit late on the 60 prayer, my bad :) yeahhhh my sharkie army, dam i should have my own tv show on discovery *shifts eyes* Haha who woulda thought huh, spined gloves also match fairly nice :D and thanks :) Me to :D especially with the zammy crozier. and the legs are spined, i dont usually tell people, cuz i felt so genius when i figured out the perfect match for bandos pl8 haha. Granite legs work well to. Thanks dude! and will do haha wow, thanks. :) and ill try to keep u interested :) "only if u did" yeah, if only >.> dam, i'd buy everything wearable, all 3rd age, god stuff (including all godswords) i'd be running through Pvp with a blue p hat, ags, 3a melee, and let myself die haha. i'd buy 99 con, 99 farm, 99 smith, 99 sum and more so dam fast :D <<UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So i bought 600 dragon bones for about 1.4m and used my friend (err i mean house =|) for the guilded altar haha. A lil over an hour later, got 60 prayer prayer, and a combat lvl. (now 103) Now i can wear the zamorak crozier =D I love it =P was totally worth it. Also, I got 70 range =) took me a whole day, from 58. i Camped at dagonoths with a cannon and iron knives all day haha. I missed the screenie =( but here's my proof anyways. And of course, with lvls comes all new wearable things :) That to i love. and was also worth it =P I also got back into farming. Decided to buy some seeds after the lep updates. and it seems like jagex Fixed there math, re-traced there tracks or somthing because all is well again now. So brians back in business? baby? yes. indeed. So back to fishing i go, was nice to have a lil break. but now i just wanna get out there and level everything else! haha. thanks for reading =) --P.S. Sorry for missing a few days in the "current progress" section!
  5. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    ~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, i bought a mage book....and dam was i disapointed looked so ugly with dragon and all that haha, so i logged out. next day i sell it for 125k more than i paid =D so that was good. i checked my bank, and i had a zammy prayer book and it looked better than mage book, was there the whole time dammit >.> But, I tried some things out, and i was happy with this =) "d2h is nooby brian!" nawww big red is cool =D and stupid me....thought of another outfit....so i borrowed my buddies Bandos chest plate... dammit, i like it. i'm not going to lie. so...yeah...im going to buy one >.> ffs i wish i had unlimited GP. I also Bought a wihp, and my dragon bones needed for 60 prayer. ust waiting for my buddy with the Guilded altar and all that, and than im going to get 60 prayer =) So thats that, going to get 60 prayer tomorow probably, still need to buy a fury, berserker ring and bandos chest plate (dam) then, maybe. just maybe....my greed for GP will be over >:]
  6. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    it aint normal! :P i have been farming for a long time, and i NEVER lost profit, than all of a sudden i lose profit 3 times in a row? maybe i over analyze things....but besides the point, glad u noticed a change to ;) and really? u think so? think i should invest money into somthing else then? I know! it's buggin me it broke up the time very well. :lol: Im not getting a stole, im getting a crozier :lol: the equipable staff thing, at least i hope it's called a crozier o.O and even if i was getting a stole, fury is just cool :lol:
  7. Brian Joly

    Blacksun48's Log Of Skillin' And Killin'

    nice stats ;) like the log to *thumbs up* upset u didnt get the 99 fish in 114 tho! or at least inform of this Screenshotting? hmm? haha :lol: Keep er' up.
  8. i like the last 10 days of runescape part, thats cool :lol: i guess ur fave skill ;) based on my fave skill. fishing? haha has the highest votes, maybe im right? :P Congrats on 57 hunter!
  9. Brian Joly


    It's organized, colorful, interesting, detailed... tis' very good indeed ;) Wc cape partay? moi invited?
  10. Brian Joly

    Lukes Log Of Wonder!

    ^ | What he said | Very nice log :P it's very neat, easy to read :lol: nice stats to ;) Good Luck on future goals *rolls eyes* 99 Rc :/ ull strike rich! Brian Joly supports!
  11. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    Lmao :D yeah it took me a long time to make it haha, not as flasheh as some peoples, or organized tho :D And thanks, il add yah to the supporters :P Good to be back gotta catch up :) nolifenolifenolifenolife haha kidding. and i didnt change THAT much more :) U mean when he stole my p hat? and thanks :) it's so nubbeh tho haha :D Thanks for the support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARG It's saturday night, and i got lots of thoughts goin through my head o.O i really want a sgs :) because mah friend lent me her's, and it looks AMAZEN with p hat and drag (well i think so anyways :D). =) but it's like what? 47m or somthing, Not sure if i can pull out that much by the time i get my str lvl. And im not farming anymore, "well why brian? farmings great geee peee!" cuz farming SUCKS now, a lil while ago i lost profit farming snaps...i've been farming snaps for a long time.....and i've NEVER lost profit before, so i think, ok it's just bad luck this trip. it'll be better next time. *4 days later* i lost profit on 2 more sets of snap seeds....that cant be bad luck or a coinicidence of any kind...i dont care what anyone says, farming changed....i will argue with u to the DEATH if u think different i even made a rant on the forums about it. and get this, there are forums that some players made complaining about how farming is different, 99 farmres. nubs, random players...all complaining about the same thing...so maybe jagex messed up there math on an update? i dunno? im put out of business? yes? im going to bomb jagex? yes. but anyways back on track, I want an sgs (47m), i want 90 farm (20m), possibly even 99 (60-65m), but i am at my limit for fishing, i cant really farm anymore...but im so greedeh :D Random Sals Forum member:"sell your paper hat stuuupid" NO i will never sell it :) never. <3 So possiby, if im patient for 99 farming, or even sgs.....finish off my str lvl.....get 90 farm, get 99 smith in mah profitable way :), than invest that cash to 99 farm....im thinkin a cool outfit to to match farm cape :D, Green p hat (ok i lied, i'd sell my p hat. :P) with guthix, and fancy boots and some cool green gloves or somthing haha, with green sectaurs :D. i think with farm cape that'd look puuurdy cool. :) or...i dunno...:)
  12. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    Lol birth :/ When am i not on o.O lol kidding :lol: u can find me online and at za guild on most evenings :lol: Rawr, fear meh >:P yeah i was thinkin about that. just may do that ;)
  13. Brian Joly

    Fighter's Pure F2p Log. Going For 99 Cook.

    Grats on the total ;) still awaiting that 99 fm! :lol: Pshhh! why am i not in supporters hmm? and why is my log not in the "logs to visit" section, HMMMM?? haha :P
  14. Brian Joly

    The Log Of A Smither That Knows No Irony

    I love your log! haha, very nice achievements, you stick to a goal and finish it ;) 99 smithing is on my list :lol: has been for a loooooong time. but i quit for 8 months, so i got lots to catch up on :P no rush eh?
  15. Brian Joly

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    ++UPDATE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sorry guys! my internet was disconnected for awhile, NO IM NOT DEAD hahaha =P but im back now! so thats good. I added a new section, "Current Progress" i will be Updating it daily to keep u guys posted on my Current goal(s), so check that out when u get the chance and i updated some other things in the log here and there. I also Bought My dragon pl8, legs, and infinity boots yesterday =) here's a pic of my guy right now. Still need to get 60 prayer to wield zamorak crozier, buy a mage book, and buy a fury. than mah outfits finished =D Also, i am planning on adding a timed fish loads section, thats a question i am constantly getting asked and im sure other 99 fishers get that alot to. so i thought it'd be a good idea to time out the average time on some differnt kinds of fish, just to quench peoples curiousity =)

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