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  1. Who let you set up that much? Moveset? Because I'm guessing Taunt would of shut this down quickly. Curse + EQ + Waterfall + Recover with leftovers and unaware. EVS were 252 HP 252 DEF and 4 ATTK with impish nature. I lead sylveon with defensive EVs to get a few calm minds in and then baton pass to quagsire. After that if they don't have a strong grass type it's basically gg. Very nice, Nagger! Other then they actually let a Sylveon set up that many calm minds, or that they let him Baton passed. Taunt, Swagger, or hell just hitting sylveon physically twice should have ended it. :/
  2. Who let you set up that much? Moveset? Because I'm guessing Taunt would of shut this down quickly.
  3. I've PMed you this answer. I change e-mail addresses often but I do look at old ones occasionally and decided if I can filter out all the spam it might be usable again.
  4. Nope. That was in reply to a comment that the user chose to delete.
  5. Not enough Pokemon fans is all that means. I mean there is a lot of strategy and when my teams are done I have no problem battling anyone.
  6. Do you know what you have? Pansear, Charmeleon, Ninetales here. Friend Safari space is limited and I kind of need to keep what I have available unless you're about to make me be in love with you. :).
  7. More people need to play it, and stop asking a million questions. I feel like a giddy school kid playing again.
  8. I feel I succinctly answered that in the body of the blog.
  9. To be fair it was rumored initially to be "Awakened Form" which sounds a hell of a lot better.
  10. At least according to the e-mail I received and found as I started to create filters to see if I can make my gmail account viable for use again, without too much of a headache from unnecessary spam mail which I don't believe is good for anyone. I guess I'll update people with what is going on in my personal life as far as back as I can remember. While I had dated a wonderful girl for a year and a half, from November 2011 to July 2013, she decided to cheat on me, break up with me, choose to become a lesbian, and then move. The guy with whom she had cheated questions why I have no interest in communicating with him, being civil, or discussing anything with him. Shortly after this all went downhill, I had met another girl, although she turned out to be a flake and has cancelled every single "date" we set up. I mean I still send her a text when I'm going out just to be nice and not come off like a dick but I don't expect to see her again. One of my friends finally broke up with her boyfriend, and admitted to me and several other people are suspicions that he was physically abusing her. He has since begun stalking her, intentionally ruining her relationships, attempted to sexually assault her (on a bus), and I don't want to discuss the other various list of heinous acts that I find reprehensible and have been encouraging her to either file for a RO (Restraining Order) or OOP (Order of Protection), but she is being too nice about it. If this keeps up I'm debating just dragging her to the precinct to get her to file as this has become far out of hand. It would be nice if they didn't go to the same school, but that is a problem, since the school is the only one within a reasonable distance that will let her finish her current program. I'm planning on "retiring" from running the schools humor magazine at the end of this term and have found a freshmen to take over and replace me. Time for new blood, and by the end of this school year I should be finished with my BA in Psychology, and have a minor in Disability Studies with the potential for a Focus in Neurology. Pokemon X has probably been the only thing keeping me sane since it came out over a month ago has my midterms have me stressed out. The game is awesome and people should play more. The schools English Department is sending me e-mails requesting me to change my major to English, so I might go back and get that if I can complete it within a year's time. Otherwise I plan on applying for a Masters of Social Work program. I've decided on my goal, with where I want to be, and where I want to go. I want to be some place beautiful, nature-oriented, and away from NYC, most likely New Hampshire, Vermont or Southern Maine. The only real question I have left for myself is "Who do I want to be?" I'm already an empathetic person, and would love to be working towards helping people, but those are traits and not exactly answering the question so that is to be my question for the time being. I'm unemployed and looking to see if I can find a psychology internship via the school, as to get experience in the field. It's been a long time Sal's Realm. Hope all of you are doing the best and your families are doing as well. :). ~Cxkslei. If people want to keep in contact with me, I have no problem with pming people my Skype or Reddit names. Not much of a reason for me to come back here since I no longer play RS.
  11. Hint: Those weren't electives. Those were required for the Comp Sci degree. My electives were in Disability Studies which I've already satisfied the requirements for, and if I'm still jobless by the time I graduate I may see if I can go into ASL interpreting.
  12. Hello. How are you Admiral?
  13. You know you could find it on deviantart pretty easily right?
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