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  1. One clan,One name,One community. Memberlist: GOG memberlist || Clan forum's:GOG forums .::Clan info's::. Clan Initial:GOG Clan Timezone:EST/Asian/Australian/Europe Clan homeworld:World 13 (US server) Clan Requirements:83+ Cmb with 1 referalls || Must be an IRC user Clan IRC Channel & Server:#clangog || Irc.swiftirc.net || Check our webs for our irc channel,No dowloads. Founder's: Angry_Bob55 Clan Leader's Preditor185,Montherfc Honorable Commander of Guardians (Head of warlords + Head of advisor) Latios507 Highly Respected War Generals of Guardians] King_tom34 .:: Clan History ::. The past: Guardians of Glory..a clan that was formed,in the name of Honor,Friendship and Family. Guardians of Glory was born in 2005,The old clan name of Guardians of glory are known as Knights of G.U.I.L.D.. The founder of GOG,angry bob55 decided to start this clan when he meet few good friends of him. In early 2006,This clan name was transformed into what we known as today,Guardians of glory.The clan leader at that time was Bwja,A leader that was known for his kindship.However in mid year 2006,bwja started to hack our clan banks and started to destroy GOG. The revolt begun in GOG,This revolt was leaded by latios507 and preditor185.This revolt was to bring peace to the clan,when bwja has sucessfully hacked the clan bank cash worth 3.3mils,he joined other clan that is known as Tunescape. It was a failure,the Clan boards was deleted and our movements came to an End. The Awakening: In october 2006,Preditor185 has decided to re-created Guardians of glory,It was known as guardians of glory reborn. From there,the clan started to have good history,Making new allies and friends. With its good war records and history,Many members joined us. However,the Member that joined us has no organization,Even the clan leader counldnt control the clan,In the end,The legendary members of GOG,Latios507 returned in June 2007,Hoping that GOG will Revived and Became the Top 50 RS clans in the future. will this be a sucess?all of this matter depends on our own cooperations and hardwork of leaders and members. .:: The Clan galleries ::. War records: Full out wars: Win:2 Draw:2 Lose:0 Fun wars: Win:2 Draw:0 lose:1 Mini wars: Win:3 Draw:0 Lose:2 Images: Pictures Taken during:Guardians of Glory VS Vendetta Pictures Taken During:Guardians of Glory vs Dark ascension + The Crimson Elites PKRI.. Currently Lack of pictures
  2. Mace Brown

    My Work With Gimp

    Some of my works: Clan banner: My 1st sig:
  3. Mace Brown

    Your Sals List!

    1. Forgotten Templars - Havent lost anywars recently? 2. 3xtermination - Great threat to FT 3. Life of pesticiles - Nice warring activity,you guys are active. 4. Blasphemy - Decent Organization, Decent Activity, just needs to work on levels. 5. Demonic Guardians - DG has been warring alot recently and won alot of em,Good job. 6. Sunflower Mafia- Pop out of nowhere and won alot of wars,Gratz. 7. The Black Wolves - Your activity IN p2p puts you guys here 8. Silver Dawn - Need to work on Lvls,Still you guys have a nice Members. 9. Guardians of Glory - Showing warring activty lately 10. demons of Runescape - GL,we will prove who is better at the war
  4. Mace Brown

    Your Sals List!

    1.FT 2.3x 3.TR 4.blas 5.DG 6.TBW 7.SD 8.LOP 9.GOG 10.DOR
  5. Mace Brown


    8/10. I like the colours
  6. Mace Brown

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    Tsk pig i would like to join Your Graphic's Team. ah yeh i cant figured out the size of font :glasses:
  7. Mace Brown

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    soap: [img=http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/6694/peleaderju9.png]
  8. Mace Brown

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    I felt like doing a siggy for you..so heres my result: [img=http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/6569/viagrosnu6.png]
  9. Well,Even Though sals is a small community,but the clan communities do need some support. We need at least a moderator,To help moderate The clan section,because everyday,The clan section is full of flame and full of flame baiters. Not to mention,it would be good to have some moderators because they could help Pinning the important topics. Even Though sals is small,but we do need some clan support because "clan" is a part of Runescape.
  10. Mace Brown

    Your Sals List!

    1.FT 2.TR 3.3x 4.Blas 5.Sd ~~~~ gap ~~~~ 6.Tbw 7.Gog
  11. Mace Brown

    My First Attempts At Gimp

    Nice.Download new Brushes. Some of My image after 3 days of tutorials: Animated: And The "LAT" siggy down there.
  12. Mace Brown

    Sals Clan Vs Runehq Clan?

    Make a pole and decide on it. I say Yes.
  13. Mace Brown

    Your Sals List!

    Dont spam this Topic.
  14. Mace Brown

    Your Sals List!

    Keys/Legends: (^) - Raising (v) - Losing (-) - Stable .::PKings::. Forgotten Templars [FT] (-) 3xtermenation [3X](^) Dark draggon Breath [DDB] (-) Blashpemy (-) < --- BLANK ---- > .::Warring::. The Revolutions (-) Forgotten Templars (^) 3xtermantions (-) Knights of Anubis (v) Blashpemy (v) Dark Dragon Breath (-) Raising clans: Guardians of Glory - Winning Good wars,Losing only 1 war after 1 and half week refreshing The black wolfs - Oh yeh baby,this team and bust a hole throught the Top 5
  15. Mace Brown

    Closed: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    Someone pick me as the pokemon rofl
  16. Mace Brown

    Lego'z Royal Shopie!

    Thank you very much legolas.
  17. Mace Brown

    Lego'z Royal Shopie!

    Request: Animation Other request: 3D Line's for banner Animation request: Fade + Glow The ways: Start with Fade: Text 1:One clan Text 2:One name tex 3:one community Apear slowly..One clan,Then comes with One name and lastly One community. Then 3 of the text glow together. Thanks.
  18. U can create Monster from Recreation Rooms.Only Know 1,Ill add more later: walk HereNewrost (Level 18)/2 more Options:1 Feather and A Eye of newt
  19. Mace Brown

    The Fremennik Isles Release 3.1 :aware:

    There are some safe spots for you to range em. I will post pictures of item u should bring to fight the king. Currently: Prayer pots (3) or (4): 2 or 3 of em should be fine Super sets(optional,can be replace By Normal potions) Full inventory of foods,preferably Lobsters and above Full prayer points And yes i range the trolls But i melee The king
  20. Mace Brown

    The Fremennik Isles Release 3.1 :aware:

    U can add recomended items: 6 ropes(can be crafted from hair dropped By yaks). lvl 40 Prayer ( protect from range) A good armor Some prayers Pots & energy potions
  21. Mace Brown

    Barbarian Assault Guide

    Strategy in defeating the penance queen: (PICTURES WILL BE POST LATER) Penace queen are Located In the Wave 10 Which Is the Queen of all Penace. The queen can Only Be defeated with A special Egg called "OMEGA EGGS". Omega Eggs are created from the job of The 4 roles. Suggested Roles 1 Attacker (lvl 2+) 1 collecter(any lvls) 1 defender (any lvls) 2 healer(lvl 2+) NOTE:This is just the recomended Roles,U can use any kinds of roles during the game. The Eggs Omega eggs can Only be obtain after a yellow egg,Lay By the penace queen Goes through 4 process. In this process,every roles has their duties to do. To remember The Ways to make the omega eggs,only remember This words WILL BE EDIT LATER
  22. Mace Brown

    Religion On These Forums.

    I guess this religions thing is a very case sentitive.There are many religions.Im an islamic religions but sometimes people always make me feel angry as they saying our great prophet,Muhammad s.a.w is such a.....and my god is a god ###.It really case sentitive so plz dont talk about anymore religions.It is very sensitive so if u do,plz just close this topic.
  23. Mace Brown


    You're right, that should be mentioned. But if you're going to put a map of Dranyor (which I don't really think is nessesary, you could probably just link the words "Dranyor Village" to the city guide of it - if we have a city guide of it, I'm not sure ) then use this one, I know you tried latios507, but I think you saved yours as a jpeg and that makes it all fuzzy. [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG=http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/9236/map2hv.png][/URL] Ty for reminding me.i forget to rezised the images.And,i dont use it as jpg...I use it as png.
  24. Mace Brown


    You forget to where to get the rings when u lost it..... U can get the easter rings at diango.Diango is located at drayanor village. If u lost it,talk to him. Note:if u want to get more than 1 ring,drop the ring and talk to diango for another new ring.After u get another ring,picked the ring that u drop.

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