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    Slaying: 147 Cave Horrors
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    killing at barrows, fist of guthix, questing, wiping the floor of the chaos tunnels with bork's ugly face every day, slaying, amassing charms for my trip to 70+ summoning, getting my combat up, training for Godwars Dungeon

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  1. magepalko

    Behind The Scenes - November

    ummmm storm... try re reading that.... you bank all your stuff... they never said they wiped your account before you play... that would be immensley stupid... i suggested pilgrim clothes and turkeys a while back in the suggestions forums and had quite a bit of support... looks like the page 51 monster spit out a page of that
  2. magepalko

    All Fired Up

    i'm more concerned about the usefulness of the new firemaking equipment twist of fate... that guthix picture in your signature is absolutley genius.... i applaud you at making me shoot pepsi from my nose.
  3. magepalko

    Meeting History

    search shelves in kitchen for papaya and charcoal..use charcoal on papaya
  4. magepalko

    Meeting History

    22107... is that a jmod kirby? lol i just started the quest, any idea on where the frag the furnace is?
  5. magepalko

    Spirit Of Summer

    that is now the worst mage tree spot in the game... yeah.. i totally want to cut mages in lvl 22 rev infested wild...
  6. magepalko

    Random Rs Facts!

    professor henry from the stronghold of player saftey looks very familiar...
  7. magepalko

    Where's Waldo?

    foorsooth and verily! i am most certainly miffed at this deplorable situation in which i was cast unknowingly.... aka nooes!
  8. magepalko

    Favorate Youtube Videoer.

    mine... nuff sed...
  9. personally, im going for skills that will make me money as i get to 99 (wc and fishing) that way i can train my beloved magic skill to 99 and maybe have enough "juice" to take on godwars (im deathly afraid of going in after the aincients in bandos room incedent) and get that bandos armor i carve so badly... i voted for quest cape, because not only does it sap your time and money, but it is extremley frustrating on some quests (even at my level and with these good looks) and you'll never be done. it is the longest cape to get because you never get to just "keep it" unless they do a no quest month
  10. magepalko

    Where's Waldo?

    i have no clue how to add a personal picture... frankly i don't think there even is a way to do it. suggestion: make it possible or easier to load a photo...
  11. magepalko

    Dumbest Question Newbies Ask?

    top 5 questions i get DAILY: "can you unban my main?" "Did you mute me?" "When is the wilderness coming back?" "can you fix this glitch?" "Wow, you have a quest cape! Can you tell me how to do cook's assistant?" for future refernce, i did my first quest when they started quests, so that might be hard to remember. devious mud was acessible when i was in the UK at the time... no quests in mud...
  12. magepalko

    Jagex Store And Runescape Novel

    players barley ever read the updates on the front page, i had people log in the day of hd asking wtf happened... i doubt the average player would have either noticed the novel, would convince thier parents to buy them one, or read one. as opposed to bugging the living daylights out of me about updates we barley ever get hints on, as if i know everything "when is jetix (spelled wrong on purpose) going to bring the wild back?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hmmm an rs movie? that would make an interesting discussion... what kind of movie would it be? a quest movie? would it tie into the game somehow (new items or new quest) or would it be a movie depicting stories told by an adventurer about a massive fight? it could depict the godwars (an obvious choice) or the attack on varrock would make an ecellent film (scores of the undead attack a newly updated varrock, lead by robert the strong) but backstory would have to be told (perhaps precredits, like hellboy2 another option would be mini films depicting an enire quest in movie form (jason statham should stay away, you killed dungeon seige like a beholder in a chicken hutch)
  13. magepalko

    Improvements To Non-uk European Servers

    100% on singing ftw!
  14. magepalko

    Improvements To Non-uk European Servers

    funny thing is, many players can't even acess the main page because of the server moves lol ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. magepalko

    Improvements To Non-uk European Servers

    yeah, good old newyork 2 (from before they anonomized the worlds) runs the entire new england area of the states, so no one in almost 8 states can acess the main site! mod and geek knowledge ftw, magepalko

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