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  1. When you're starting to take classes that will require the use of Illustrator, which crashes everytime you try to save...-.-

    1. Egghebrecht


      time to reinstall your computer me thinks

    2. Sofee


      Mine crashed when I didn't have enough space on the disk, dunno if that's your problem tho

  2. My neighbor wants to get back into RuneScape in his freetime, but he has a Macbook Pro Retina, and it won't run smoothly. I've seen multiple solutions for this, but wondering what you guys would recommend.

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    2. Egghebrecht


      client, and even then it still sucks. That bug has been in runescape since I left 2 years ago...

    3. Egghebrecht
    4. chaosor


      Thank you for responding Egghebrecht.

      I've been busy and haven't been on much.

      I haven't talked to my neighbor recently, but it seems he got it sorted out at least alittle, as I saw he was doing Artisan's workshop last time I talked to him.

  3. At the end of last summer, I bought a new laptop. It's running Windows 8.1, with a quad-core i7 4870HQ processor, 32gb RAM, and the Nvidia GEForce GTX980M. As of a couple days ago, the driver on my graphics card started to crash, I haven't had any problems until now, and haven't made any changes to the graphics card or the drivers. I checked the temperatures, and the temperature is at 40 degrees. It happens at random times, sometimes when I start up the computer, and sometimes when I am using the computer. The driver is on 348.01. I was wondering what could cause this problem, and how can I fix it?
  4. That moment when your 7 month old laptop has problems :'(

    1. Adam?


      you been having laptop problems I feel bad you u son something something ain't one

    2. -Leaf-


      That moment when your 7 day old laptop has problems :'(

  5. So I just recently got a 4tb WD harddrive, and wish to create a system image backup of my new computer, or at least the c: drive. However, it won't let me create the backup using the option in the File History window, because of the EFI system Partition that is attached to the c drive (meaning I can't even delete the partition, without deleting the whole drive, which isn't possible since the C drive is on that drive. I find it odd that Microsoft would include this feature, but then make it unable to use. I was wondering if anybody here knew of any workarounds for this, or of a way to create a system image backup.
  6. I love it when my instructors make typos on my grades. Just got a 339/41 (supposed to be 39/41). And man did that increase my grade lol

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    2. Guitarguy


      Besides me. We cool.

    3. Arianna


      That would be a lie by omission and you'll go to hell, but that's where I'm going too, so that'd be nice

    4. Sobend


      You two going there too? Nice. We should have a hell meet-up.

  7. So, my parents want to get me a gift, and atm, the only thing I can think of that I would want is another SSD to put in my laptop, but I was wondering how to find out, without opening up my computer, if I have any unused slots to add in a SSD. I currently have a 500gb SSD (which is nearly full, as I have my OS and programs installed on it), and a 1TB HDD installed. I'm using the HDD for entertainment things, like music and movies, and want to keep the SSD for OS, and necessities. So, I'm looking at hopefully being able to install another SSD in my computer, for more space for programs, and such, to use in the future. Here's a link to the laptop I have
  8. My problem is that I've never had people there for me. My dad's family doesn't socialize, my mom's family is just so full of drama, it's hard to talk to them without them talking behind your back. And my friends always leave me. My group of friends from high school, that I grew up with, stopped talking to me, or blocked me, 3 of my group of friends from my first college stopped talking/ responding to me. So my most recent group of friends have been my coworkers, who used to all try to make sure they worked with me when i came home from college. Now they don't even answer texts. Of my remaining best friends, 1 is too busy since she works full time, and is the only source of income for her family, and when she isn't at work, she is trying to do housework for people for extra money, or doing her own housework. Another one is busy with college and a factory job. Third one is busy with her first year of college, and 2 jobs, and I'm kinda giving her space, since I feel I annoyed her (she rejected me a little while ago), and now she's dating our coworker. When I do text her, she doesn't respond back, but she has told at least 3 others, as well as her family, that I'm one of her best friends. And finally, the 4th one insisted she would text me every day when I was at college, and she would vid chat with me every week, and she cried when I left for college, because she would miss me. She barely texts me, even if I text first. She has texted maybe 3 times in the last 2 months I've been at college.
  9. Meh, tbh, I don't really care for McDonalds. I like their sweet tea..and their wraps aren't bad..but the only food I get there is usually a mcchicken, because it's a dollar. Otherwise, I will literally take any other fast food, whether Burger King, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, or Wendy's.
  10. I didn't think the router was the issue, since none of the other devices had the problem. But the problem seems to have stopped now..(idk what fixed it, but haven't been dcing from the internet). My router is old though, I'm using the family router which we've had for probably 10 years. (the only issue with it is the signal doesn't go very far, only 2 rooms over from where it's at in the house (I'm within the 2 rooms over)). I have a personal router, but I never really set it up when I came home from college. My parents are looking into getting a new router soon, but I knew the issue was with my laptop, since my other laptop, my iPad, and my phone didn't have any problems with the wifi. My dad just got a new laptop yesterday and he had the same problems with his new laptop, but not with his old laptop or his phone.
  11. Nope, already did all the updates I could find, including the Intel driver for the wireless card. My laptop is running Windows 8.1 if that helps.
  12. So I recently bought a new computer, and noticed that my internet on it keeps disconnecting. This isn't happening on my phone, iPad, or my other laptop. I've tried restarting the computer, disconnecting from the wifi and reconnecting, and updating the drivers in my laptop, none of which have worked. I was wondering if you guys knew anyways to fix the problem?
  13. got my new laptop :) now just transferring things over :)

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    2. Yuanrang


      You would get a free upgrade to Windows 10 though, right?

    3. chaosor


      yes Yuanrang, but I'm waiting for enough reviews to come out on Windows 10 before I jump the gun and update lol.

    4. Arianna
  14. Can you not buy a desk and put in your own room? :P No room in my room at my parent's house for a desk, and my room at my apartment has a desk, but the foot stand on the desk is too flimsy/small to hold a tower, and I don't like the idea of the tower sitting on carpet. Plus when I come home on the weekends, it would be more troublesome to transport than a laptop. the asus laptop you are linking is hardly a laptop, it's more an all in one desktop... 17.3" is huuuuge for a laptop and it's bloody expensive and i don't get why really the screen is low to mediocore it only being a full HD screen (I replaced my HD screen for a 5k one recently) the fact that it has an ssd HD is good but that one is much too big, there is no point in having 512GB SSD and 1TB normal hard disk, 128GB SDD is more than enough... that is waste of money because that shizzle is expensive So try to see if you can reduce that at least since it really is wasted money and I see it is exactly the same for the other laptop same kind of low resolution screen and rediculously big SSD drive so if you really want a laptop both options seem fine to me but you will get a shizzlety screen and a cumbersome heavyweigth which you'll never take with you 4/5k screens aren't exactly cheap; the laptops I found with the specs I want and that kind of resolution were roughly $500 more. And for right now, 4k is ahead of it's time still. In the future, I do hope to get a 4k screen, but right now, I don't feel I want/need it badly enough. I haven't really looked at other sites other than Newegg, but on Newegg, those computers are the only ones available with the specs I want.. I didn't put the ssd size in..but I do want the SSD.
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