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  1. Buland

    The last person to post here wins

    Does the last person to post here still win?
  2. Buland

    What is your background?

    RuneScape Black was my theme for this site in the earlier days. Now I get lost trying to find a way to change the theme from default. Anyone?
  3. Buland

    Nostalgia thread

    Same, same, and SAME! Agreed! YOUR FORUM NAME HAD ME CRACKING. XD On-topic: Nostalgia's become like a drug to me these days. Anything and almost everything get me nostalgic these days. Even if I hear a piece of music that's been released not too long ago, there'll be a part of that song which will make me feel things similar to what the old songs would make me feel and that gets me nostalgic. Sometimes I feel hopeless with my inclination towards nostalgia but most of the times I feel inspired.
  4. Buland

    Pet and Animal Thread

    Hahahahahaha! Likewise. Only I've an irrational fear of dogs. But only pet dogs and not strays. For some reason, I'm less inclined to be afraid of stray dogs because I know what to expect from their temperament towards me. If it's anybody's pet dog (regardless of breed) I find it difficult to trust that animal's instinct lest it misunderstand anything I'm feeling for it's human. Hahahahaha! I used to have a female dachshund (sausage dog), Candy, a long time ago before I developed cynophobia. I had her and a very beautiful male Siamese cat, Hero, too. Lost Candy to a selfish veterinarian who wouldn't return her to us after she broke her leg from a fall. Cheap vet knew how expensive Candy's breed was and kept giving us an excuse so we won't come by and collect her. A month of stalling and she completely disappeared on us (the vet). I just hope whoever she sold Candy to is taking good care of her. As for Hero, he grew up to being a healthy and territorial male cat and dominated the street we lived in and, more or less, just became an independent cat who don't need no man. But after those two, we changed houses and over the span of half a decade had close to 19 cats living with us simultaneously (and it all began with one horny, male Persian cat named Fatty). Fatty was an old cat when we got him from a friend so he lived his last handful of years with us and left a legacy that we had to slowly, but surely, give to other people who were willing to adopt them. Then came Ginger, the closest thing to an animal companion I've ever had the pleasure of having. Also a Persian male, Ginger was less cat and more human when you looked into his eyes. He was well-mannered, civilised, loving, and very vocally responsive and emotionally empathetic. I've never met an animal (or even human being) like Ginger. Unfortunately, the girl who owned him asked for him back after two years because she had returned from university abroad and I was told to care for him while she was gone. Currently pet-less. I'm thinking of getting myself a tortoise, a turtle, a tarantula, and a cat but I'm not sure if my folks would let me keep a spider.
  5. Buland

    Returning Post Issues

    I'm a returning member too and I've been on and off on this forum for a decade now. >_< I DID get an authorisation notification where I was asked to scan a QR code to 'verify' my account but I skipped that and haven't faced any issues so far.
  6. Buland

    Favorite Superhero!

    Superman and it was a close-call between Spider-man and Wolverine but I went with the former.
  7. Buland

    Best Ice Cream Flavor

    Chocolate's the king of flavours. Vanilla's just a base-flavour so I hardly consider it a separate flavour.
  8. Buland

    Time or money

    Time and currency (money) are both illusions but at least money is a tangible illusion so I've voted for money. However, we're spending time when we're trying to attain money yet we don't necessarily need to spend money to have a wonderful moment. I suppose it really comes down to what you're aiming for at this present moment that's most important to you.
  9. Buland


    It would be nice to stay in touch through other platforms. I'm an ex-active member of this forum and I'd like to think that I've fully returned to this site. So if any of you want to follow me on Snapchat then here's my ID: buland93. Mostly just pictures of everyday life, nothing interesting. You might receive a private snap every now and then of something interesting, however (non-sexual obviously). :3
  10. Buland

    The Autumn Voyage

    I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself, since I have been an active member in the past of not just this forum but also The Library in general (back when there were two subforums; RuneScape Stories and The Library). I have written and completed two stories on this forum (Fall of Geilinor and The Dark Essence), both of which have received thousands of views. It appears that even after my years of inactivity I find myself back here for a reason unbeknownst to myself and I am glad. This place feels like a treehouse from childhood and it does feel good to be back (or at least to try to make a comeback). I don't hope to be a hot topic or for my story to get thousands of views. I just require a platform to express my love for this browser-based gem of a game from my childhood through my thirst to write and Sal's gives me just that - with an added bonus of wonderful people! This story is still a work-in-progress but you can sure expect intriguing and engrossing characters and a vast, unfolding plot that will surely captivate you and make you want to read more and more! Thank you for taking the time out to read this. P.S. I will edit this post with the prologue and the first chapter of The Autumn Voyage as soon as I am done writing it.
  11. Buland

    The Rise Of Darkness

    Well, get this thing over with and give us a sequel. :P Your promptness might encourage me to start writing again for teh lulz.
  12. Buland

    The Rise Of Darkness

    The Rise of Darkness is pure nostalgia. I'm gonna' read through this whole story all over again. :D Is this still being updated, even after all this time?
  13. Buland

    The Dark Essence Book 2: The Guardian

    Thank you! I am happy to be back. :( I feel like I deserted this place. :D

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