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  1. Ares

    Musical Execution?

    Ugh I need to work on faking- How do yo make it so the grass doesn't look all squared and patchy?
  2. Ares

    Double Name?

    It's perfectly understandable; you just got the o's and 0's mixed up. It's 2 different people. I mean for example:
  3. Ares

    Your Max Hit (or Close To It)

    Max with 80 Str potted + pray
  4. Ares

    This Forum Has Been Owned.

    It's Sir Beck 'idking' Sal's forum clan chat. Either that or.... I DON"T GET IT
  5. Ares

    All Levels 60+!

    Nice. And nice cooking and magic. That's insane how a F2per can do this. You must have a LOT of patience. ;)
  6. Ares

    Original Name Gallery

    My apologies, I remember it was either early summer 2007/2008. I guess 2008. (It felt longer ago) ;) Rare means something not often seen. My name 'Hollandjuuh' can only be seen on my account. Therefor, I am rare. It's pretty obvious he is trying to show original names like; Dollar, M, Week, Combat,etc. Name the thread "Original Name Gallery" or something. To dropstars: Thank you. That's exactly what I mean.
  7. Ares

    Original Name Gallery

    No... Rare names are say, common words used constantly and casually in a conversation! For example; 'Week'! Everyone uses the word 'week' almost everyday. That, is considered rare!
  8. Ares

    Original Name Gallery

    Good Point. I suppose I should say, "Names with no numbers and are words people use everyday, casually.".
  9. Hi, I'm known as Craz Eric2, I Godly Ares, or now, Varsity One. Over the past months, I have collected a fair amount of rare names in RuneScape. Finally, I realized I now have enough for a gallery. ALSO: In the end, there is a pic of my bank + stats. Enjoy. I began membership mid- April. I've focused solely on combat. I do not skill. I do not play much. I will not fail this account. Thank you for viewing my gallery. Discuss. Post your own rare names. ;)
  10. Was PKing at edge and I met "Godly Rules". We both had the word 'Godly' in our names so were like, "yea, w00t". Then she said her main (his main?) was here and logged in... So my question is... Do YOU think this is a rare name? Vote ___/10 10 being rarest and 1 being unimpressive. My vote... 9/10
  11. Was on second story of lumby castle did i switch windows, then switched back, forgot where i was, clicked around, and saw... then
  12. Ares

    How To Post A Picture.

    TY Chaoss but i think i figured it out test 4 1 2.
  13. Ares

    Law Runes Are 41k Each Now

    Yea forgot that the moment i posted FIRST FAKE FTW
  14. I nearly fell out of my chair. Was doing quests for dragon slayer on my pure and was in the middle of Rune Mysteries when I saw N O0 B Man interviewing someone... She is the one wearing monk robe holding the DDS. Apparently, N O0B Man is posting it on YouTube but I took a few screenshots just in case... EDIT ON MARCH 23rd: Added a few more pictures of the player 'H' so clicking on this thread is not a waste. And here's a semi-rare name. A7 Long time ago lol, took back in June of '08?

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