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  1. Timmydasta


    Tell them that next year is the important one, as long as you get your English credits, you should be sweet.
  2. Timmydasta

    Minecraft: The Hunger Games

    I'm up for this, sounds fun :D
  3. Timmydasta

    Morytania Tasks

    Doesn't mean he can't go there on another account, I'm with everyone else on this as someone who had earnt the right to go there in the first place.
  4. Got three weeks worth of images here (and yes, I'm legitimate :D)
  5. Timmydasta

    Halo 4

    I won't be picking it up for a few reasons; Firstly, i consider the Halo story to be finished, its like Star wars 4-6 and then tacking 1-3 a few years on Secondly, the new armour looks horrible, especially the big bulky helmet. However I will read reviews and try it out before officially choosing between yay or nay. But it's not looking so good so far.
  6. Timmydasta

    Behind the Scenes - March

    New bolts sound like a good way for me to make some cash, unless they're untradeble :/
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Timmydasta


    Well I laughed for once..
  9. Weekly Rs comics coming soon :D

  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. To me, Sex is one of the many glues that holds relationships together. Its ultimately the most physical form that trust can become. Edit: In short, no I wouldn't, unless she was worth waiting for.
  12. Timmydasta

    Your favourite baby troll names?

    Mine is called cannonball :o, but the funniest one I've seen is 'Ex ex parrot in a magic cage'
  13. Timmydasta

    A New Quest!

    Yeah, I myself have a questcape and are quite interested in the lore of Runescape as its own place, not based upon a book or some other existing form of media. While you can argue about Romeo and Juliet, and The knights of the round table, you do have to realise that they were introduced around the same time that the game first launched, (and Romeo and Juliet have been removed since then). Secondly, the reqs are definetly too far-fetched for a quest of this size/difficulty and the rewards don't stack up either. Sorry dude, I can imagine how much work went into this (and you should be proud of that), but, Rs isn't really the game for this kind of copy/pasta content anymore :/
  14. Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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