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  1. xxlegolasxxx

    Cool Clan Banner

    rwaely i want to go to borders i mean seriously seriously liken omg seriously borders are ewsxome black power
  2. xxlegolasxxx

    Feeling Suicidal

    run to the door my moms there
  3. xxlegolasxxx

    1k Total F2p Levels :)

    plx can i have some prongles nah jk jk all of yah grats sun on 5k total lavel ur parents should be proud
  4. xxlegolasxxx

    Is The World Still Worth Fighting For?

    its not wortyh it always wair brb
  5. xxlegolasxxx

    Close Plz

    no dont
  6. xxlegolasxxx


    k ty bcuz my friend gave it to me before he died and it would be a great honor to slay his killer with his own sword so he can R.I.P
  7. xxlegolasxxx


    okey i well gert to levels 40-ty kind sur
  8. xxlegolasxxx

    I Owned A Lvl 90 In Clan Wars!

    i think i gonbe blind ii cant see da picture
  9. xxlegolasxxx

    Whats The Best Pure?

    the best purre is a frostmag elven bowyer skill with a run c bow pwning noobs in the wild lol im a big fan of lord of da ringh\s and i love legolas hes my favorite person and hes good at killing bad guys so id got with a ranger
  10. xxlegolasxxx

    Your Favourite School Subject

    my favrite skool subject is summioning and sciencse
  11. xxlegolasxxx

    What Good Thing Have You Done Today?

    i hewlped somen as pukemon on my bickyard
  12. xxlegolasxxx

    My First Fake!

    wow this is good last night i summoned a lvl 50 pokemon in myh backyard it remionds me of this i rate 1534534534/10 plz make more plz
  13. xxlegolasxxx


    post ur u tube videos here or ur favorite ones
  14. xxlegolasxxx


    i will use a full sack of lovvies and i got a mith sorwd from my friend 2 days ago
  15. xxlegolasxxx


    wat would b suggested to kill the mighty strong dragon elvage in dragon slayer i have full steel any improvements plz

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