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    On runescape I heart woodcutting and cooking. Love me some reading, too.

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    Cooking! I have a skill cape.
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  1. RSlovers

    To0 Sigs. :d

    Looks real good. Can't decide. Try um enimene mine mo. The second one =) in color or not -Jess
  2. RSlovers

    Your Fav Famous Pker?

    Myself or Zezima. Mostly zezima cause i like their name. =) Love Z's. Wish my name was Jezz instead of Jess. Lolz. :) -Jezz or Jess
  3. RSlovers

    What Was The Longest You Have Stayed Awake?

    Only a little under a day. Not very good at it. The only reason I stayed up cuz my friendz were putting ice down anyones back who fell asleep. Can't try now cuz tests comin up soon. Gawd I hate finals. :) -Jess
  4. RSlovers

    First Fake - Sorta

    Thats really good. I'll give it 10/10 I love it. Nice idea too. -Jess
  5. RSlovers

    Money Tips

    erm try making steel bars and all that stuff. And just look at the market to see whats high at the moment. Good luck! :) -Jess

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