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  1. Hilly

    UK part 2

    :( London and Wales, not the Lake District...
  2. Hilly


    Long time no see. Who still plays RS that I know???
  3. Hilly

    Arrows Guided By Divine Fury

    Grats buddy, nice to see that you're still playing
  4. Hilly

    Skrill is back

    He's probably too busy living a life you wish you had. Ty for this Fabis
  5. Hilly

    95 Ranged, 98 Magic

    Ur bad <3
  6. Hilly

    My longest 99 goal ever

    How did I grats summon before this slayer!? Great Achievement Buddy! :) You're so much better than Micael
  7. Hilly

    Over thinking brings out the fear monster

    You answered with "alright", that says it all
  8. Hilly

    2 99s in a week?

    Grats dudeeee!
  9. Hilly

    Dammit Mod Mark, Brink of Extinction is hard :(

    It's not even hard, loads of people have managed.
  10. Hilly

    99 Dungeoneering

    Grats, 120 plz? :)
  11. Hilly


  12. Hilly

    07 Quest Cape

    Wow, V nice Mano! :D
  13. Hilly

    S U 0 M I

    His alog shows him doing castle wars as of 30 march... Ah Ok, Thought he actually might have quit so it would be 1 less thing to talk about

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