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  1. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Looking good bud, just keep going Looking forward to the day me you and Josh can trio Arma.
  2. Icey Needle

    A Good Pvp Inventory?

    If you're above 80 combat I suggest bringing 5 or so Anchovy Pizzas with a full inventory of Swordfish. That way, if they get you to really low Lifepoints and are about to 2h, you can quickly combo and save yourself.
  3. Icey Needle

    Worst Thing You Ever Made Someone Lose?

    Probably when I killed somebody for max defence gear and a Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe in Free-to-Play whilst using Green d'hide and a coif High defence really helps in Free-to-Play.
  4. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Once you come back I expect you train quickly, I have some effigies that need sorting out
  5. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Hi :) Making me post after a year or something :) Thanks for the DK trips! we should try maging again and hope for some drops
  6. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Failure. How many more bones for 99?
  7. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Wow nerd.... Get 98 prayer and I come gratz you on maxing your combat ==]. Good luck and get 99 RANGE! RANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGE
  8. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    What the hell man! Why cross out the (As a friend) bit :P? Now people will think i'm a bad type of guy... Joking! Like the topic, but could do with some fsx pics of us 2 plz :P. GET 99 RANGE!! What's so funny about me saying I love him? ;) Chris just being a noob by crossing out the as a friend bit... He my fsx buddy so I hope he loves me too :lol: Gratz on 137, and have fun with the last 8 (for maxed combat) and 9 for 99 :/ Get on fsx more ffs, it's fun =] Also, get 99 range ;)
  9. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    I would post more, but I don't want to become an Oomlie Wrap . Congrats on your current goals, and maybe after you have finished, we can finally go to KBD again, properly though :o Will have Spirit Terrorbird soon, 'cause i'm getting a **** load of Jellies as my slayer tasks, and they drop a healthy amount of greens. :(
  10. Icey Needle

    Chris' Log

    Chris! :( I'm only posting because you want me to . You've done awesome on your account so far, and i'm sure you got some more good times ahead of you. Good luck with everything, and have fun woodcutting :o You made me post my first post in, I think, over 8 months? Congrats. :P
  11. Icey Needle

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (delayed)

    I'll be there, and since I have friends in big clans, I'll ask them to help us. -Lixelsh
  12. Icey Needle

    Which Car.

    To be honest, the Audi is way too expensive, especially for the year it was made. Due to gas prices and such, try a buy a car which has a good rate of miles per gallon, and still has a smooth ride. May I suggest a golf? -Lixelsh
  13. Well, there are a few ways. One of them is to go to green dragons, collect the hides and bones, and sell them after you get a fair amount. You can get 50k gp per invent, even more if you get some of its rarer drops, such as grimy raanars, nature runes, and half keys. There are plenty of guides on green dragon slaying on sal's forums, but i'll try and find a good one for you. -Lixelsh
  14. Icey Needle

    Rate My Stats

    Aim to get all your non-combat skills to atleast 40, along with range, and then increase them from there. Go in steps of 5 for each skill, until up to about 60 each, and then focus more on your combat skills, by getting them to 70 each, and 60ish prayer if you can. These are mid/long term goals by the way :) -Lixelsh
  15. Icey Needle

    Whats Your Carreer Track?

    Well, my one of my dads friend sort of has a flight training thing, with propeller aircraft, like Cessna's, and after my G.C.S.E's, he'll give me a few flying lessons, for free :) -Lixelsh

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