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  1. Fabio

    The first person to post here wins

    Truth is, the game was rigged from the start!
  2. Fabio

    This may be the last post I ever make here

    Best of luck, man!
  3. Good evening, don't forget to change your avatars to include the big ol' Santa Hat!

  4. Fabio

    Chelsea Thumped By Tottenham

    Tottenham thumped by Arsenal
  5. Fabio

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome Tim! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Beginning of the end?
  7. While Guthix Sleeps for sure, iconic quest!
  8. Fabio

    They're shutting down FunOrb!

    When are we getting Stellar Dawn
  9. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Welcome to my log Starting stats wow imageshack broke wow rip starting stats Current stats Latest Milestones Check latest post!! Stat Goals Agility How: Ape Atoll Agility Course Attack Construction http://gyazo.com/442...0c35c865742.png Cooking How: Swordfish Crafting How: Daily battlestaves from Naff Defence Dungeoneering How: Rush c1 F1-33 and Large F34-?? Farming How: Yews, Papayas, Calquats and Spirit Trees Firemaking How: Maple logs + Helping at the citadel Fishing How: Fly fishing Fletching How: Yew Longbows Herblore How: Extreme Attacks Hitpoints/constitution Hunter How: Red salamanders Magic How: Stringing ammies Mining How: Iron/granite till 77, concentrated coal till 80 Prayer How: Dbones on gilded altar Ranged Runecrafting How: Pengs + ZMI Slayer Smithing How: No idea Strength Summoning Thieving How: Monkey knife fighters/pyramid plunder Woodcutting How: Cutting ivy Item goals Got it Got it Got it
  10. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Couldn't leave you lads hanging! Genuinely laughed out loud haha. Thanks. Can safely say this one took a little bit more effort and made me want to do nasty things at some times, but I pushed through.
  11. Fabio

    luck is not on my side

    see u in fally mate
  12. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Thanks all. Topic been inactive for a while because i've been busy and have been dry for a majority of my kills. However: here's some stuff: Saradomin murmur, my first sara drop since the KC's got introduced I think Vissy from QBD cheers mate! Spider middle after 200 kills dry, good to finally break that because it was awful. Top came not ever 10 kills after. Thanks to this I finished leg #3. Sold for 162m. Hoping to get comp by the end of the year, livid farm being the biggest pain in the ass and finding a team for yaka second biggest.
  13. Fabio

    Jj Dynomite - 2277 & Beyond

    You've been busy! Congrats on 99 farming, the other levels and all the whips.
  14. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    wat, who was on dis team that agreed to FFA Some people from forums. My name isn't Wilson soz Ok Sobend contact me ingame and I'll pay my taxes! Saved up enough reaper points and bought a hydrix: Believe I sold it for 33m, long live the hydrix buff! And then some drops from my bandos reapers: B hilt: Bcp: B gloves: Still slowly working on Comp cape but will be a while before I get it.
  15. Fabio


    me pal
  16. Fabio


  17. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Just Durzag, finding a team for yaka is too much effort. Speaking of which: was FFA so no split. Sold it for 93m. Dishonour among thieves completed Finished morytania elite and thus also all task sets. Also got some arma boots. Unfortunately that's all since RNGesus decided to ditch me after the codex drop.
  18. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Gotta get on it while it's hot! Some more drops from last week: Ability split:
  19. Fabio


    Seems like he tends to dive O.o Will fit right in at United then.
  20. Fabio

    #7 - Runecrafting

    Throws me back to pre Runespan haha. Don't think I could manage this without taking a long, long time for it. Congratulations!
  21. Fabio

    Fabio's adventures

    Thanks for the comments guys. And the teleport is quite convenient yes haha. Zanaris fairy ring accesible in a mere 5 seconds! Got my first hilt at Araxxor: Decided to finally complete Heart of Stone: Another hilt, right as Noxious bow began to crash unfortunately My raids team also had 2 ability drops and thus 2 splits: Also got my first rots kill thanks to Army, Nathan and Massa! Now onto Rago and Yakamaru.
  22. Fabio

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Good job on the signets, keystones and other loot.
  23. Fabio

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Congrats on your classic levels. When is max??

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