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  1. Daily

    Rate My Pure

    0/10 fail
  2. Daily

    Skillers Making Money?

  3. Daily

    Virus Infection!

    + 31
  4. Daily

    Count To 77

  5. QFC ON RSOF 83-84-199-58512101 Check Grand Exchange Spell! Hi, my name is D 4 I L Y (you can call me Daily) and I had this idea about a week ago when I was hunting red chinchompas when the message "One or more of your grand exchange offers have been updated" showed in my text box. I didn't want to leave my hunting spot to see what it was as I had a good spot. I had to go check it though because at the time I was merchanting. So why not have a spell that lets you view your grand exchange inbox? Ideas for spell name. Check inbox Ge check Inbox Spy I need more names if any of you guys want to help. Magic level required: I want to keep this low. So about 40-80. Can be around 50. Spellbook will be Lunar because most spells like these are in the Lunar Spellbook. Supporters List:
  6. Daily

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Grats on 93 I was hoping you would let me catch up to you
  7. Daily

    Random Levels

    That's more of an achievement
  8. Daily

    Neonite -- 94 / 99 Abra Cadabra Alakazam!

    First off I would like to say nice account. Second I would like to say good luck on all your goals. Third I would like to say congratulations on Ranger Boots from clue. *takes deep breath* Fourth off I would like to say nice 99s and quests done. While Guthix Sleeps
  9. Daily

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    Awesome bank but I new you had more then 100M in total . Love the Monneys.
  10. Daily

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    Wow 15M made so easily . Congrats on 95 Slayer whens your 99 Slayer Party.. Ohwait nevermind.
  11. Daily

    My Log.

    Are you doing 75k trick ? Cause you killed the same guy twice and he's replying "what's the drop" :(. Nice obby cape and d scimmy drop.
  12. Daily

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Remove the sarcasm tags please :(. @Scrum. 96 by the end of the week? Please keep your life irl and on runescape :o.
  13. Daily

    Virus Infection!

    - 34
  14. Daily

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Grats on 92 Hunter , btw Bon Jovi is the guy who sings "Wanted Dead or Alive" from Rockband?

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