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  1. Ak-47

    The last person to post here wins

    This forum used to be the first thing I looked at in the morning as a young lad. I've been reading the blog and tripping out on nostalgia. Not sure how alive this joint is but best wishes to everyone - I consciously acknowledge that there's things I probably to or act in my day to day that are reflected from the years of my life spent here interacting with everyone on the forums and RuneScape. May fortune be in all of your favors!
  2. Ak-47


    hello test post edit: been reading my past blogs from ~4-5 years ago and cringing at some of the shizzle i posted - i opened up a fair amount and that's pretty awesome, wish I did more nowadays but then in 4-5 years if I found this I'd be cringing again x) this place holds close to me, thanks everyone for reading anything i've ever posted(if you even remember me probably not but it's all good)
  3. I don't know, I'm just gonna write and hopefully I feel better - I got a job at a place that just opened, and I met a girl whose a coworker of mine and I like her a lot from everything I've talked to her - only known her for 2 weeks but I think about her a lot. Also the one girl who I might've talked about, tl;dr she liked me I didn't really know but I liked her she didn't act like she did but she did, we hadn't talked in two months and then she starts texting me, everytime she wants me to hang out w/ her she says shizzle about her parents getting pissed and whatnot and how she can't go. So anwyay, at work I got the girls snapchat and took a selfie w/ her for the snap story. I also was talking to girl #1 and forgot to respond, and then long story short she shows up with the family at the store while I'm working. It was super weird, like super weird haha - coworker called her pretty too Anyway I like her but I don't think I can ask her out because she's probably not into me(I have a feeling cause we were talking abt music and she talked about how she went to a concert, got hammered and started hooking up with dudes left and right) was wondering why she told me that, I kinda just gave her a blank stare. anyway yeah i like this girl but i don't think it'll work out and it's real annoying, and i haven't responded to the first girls texts cause i feel like she texts me when she wants to talk then doesn't respond for hours sometimes and then we haven't actually hung out because she always gets in trouble or whatnot and yeah anyway yeah i like the job, it's not as shizzlety as fast food and the managers cool, schools coming soon so my days gonna consist work, working out and school - i want to take mma classes soon because it sounds like a good time anyway don't really know what i'm saying at this point
  4. But for senior year, we had to order shirts - I didnt buy one from the girl who made them, figured I'd make it myself - I have the design, can anybody help me out(forgot I was incompetent)? http://i.imgur.com/HQSVAGE.png Also got a job at Jersey Mikes Sub, walked into the store to ask about applications then they said I can start tomorrow. It was the owner, wife, and another guy, and they seemed nice so I hope the work environment is good. Been working out, dieting getting swole, lots of league of legends also been playing some 07scape on the side
  5. So yeah, been working at wendys for ~a month, sitting on a few hundred bucks, but I hate the hours and I have a few great co-workers, but one of them is kind of a bipolar dick whose getting promoted to asst manager so that's no good I have Ramadan coming up, and don't feel like working 30 hours a week during it, so I think I'm going to quit my finals are next week, and I requested off to study and take ample time to take them. I didn't show up to work today because I was feeling sick, and I called and nobody picked up I want to quit, but I know I have to go in person and that's always awkward, I kind of want to call and get it over with but that's weak(also don't really need their reference to get a new job, a friend of mine said he could hook me up at McDonalds where the hours are flexible and you make them yourself) So yeah. Also this girl I like I wrote about a while ago where I was a bro and when my friend said he wanted to go to prom with her I didn't intercede, well I think I'm going to tell her I like her next time I see her - although i don't think shes into me, even though she said she wanted me to go to prom with her + she seems flirty and always tries to poke me and hugged me multiple times out of the blue. idk though i suck at picking up hints thanks for reading my petty-ass problems
  6. Ak-47

    League Of Legends

    He's not. But his AD scaling still enables him to 1-2 shot any squishy mid/adc/support based champion. And he's not really an assassin, he's ranked as a Fighter because he has a lot of HP per level scaling. BTW- Been playing KhaZix, his changes only effect his early game and part of the mid game. Late game Kha is still a beast if you play him like any other assassin. If anything, its probably more profitable to level his W before Q if you're jungling with him. labels don't matter, you can play rengar like an assassin or fighter, you can play cho'gath as a mage or a tank, or a bruiser labels are literally irrelevant in a dynamic game - tryndamere is listed as a fighter as well, but was played as a mage at one point
  7. Ak-47

    League Of Legends

    Rengar's not even broken, he's just like what Xin Zhao used to be a while ago. As someone who played him for a while, kind of depressing and really irritated by such circlejerk over a champion people are too lazy and inefficient to counter. Buy a pink ward, don't be alone. It's the same for any assassin.
  8. Just got a job at Wendy's, started Tuesday. The papers said I'd be working Wednesday 4-8 and Sat/Sunday, but I ended up working Tues-Thurs this week, and I'm working tomorrow from 11:30-8 and Sunday 12-5:30 I keep getting this feeling of nervousness and stress. I haven't ever been depressed, but I don't really enjoy anything because of work, I want to study for SATs and finals and work out but I can't because I work 5 days a week and I'm not mentally prepared for it I guess - even now, I've done it for 3 days(mostly drive through, trained with a coworker who seems like a bro on how to make sandwiches but stopped) and did more drive thru - I fudgeed up a few orders, and two of my coworkers told me that the first few weeks were overwhelming, and I guess they're right. I have to talk to my manager so I can do 4 days a week instead of 5 I guess I don't see myself working there for a year, Ramadan is in a month and it seems counterintuitive to fast and work in fast food, so there's that - but I really hate this nervous feeling that usually goes away when I get to work, then comes back when I get out. Thanks for reading
  9. I did a writeup but it deleted for some reason hi been a while since I've done one of these, but I want to get this off my chest - people told me this girl was into me, i didnt believe it since frankly she was out of my league and we texted and talked every day, a friend asked her out to prom(I was going to but didn't because he told me he was going to and I didn't tell him I was planning on it) and then we texted a little and she said she wish I asked her to prom and she always asked me why we don't hang out more often and I always made excuses because she asked me to hang out and I felt it would be awkward since she's going to prom with my bro, but they we havent really talked a lot, because I dont want to respond when she says "Haha" since I don't want to carry a damn conversation if she doesn't want to have one, but then she'll always poke me and shizzle which AFAIK mean shes somewhat into me - and they went last night(to prom) and she looked gorgeous and now im sad again D: It's poorly formatted, kind of indicative of how my mind is functioning right now
  10. Ak-47

    League Of Legends

    for the record, as someone demoted from d5-plat 1 once, it doesn't warn you
  11. Ak-47

    League Of Legends

    havent posted here in a while, lost diamond in soloq then got it back got diamond in 3s as well, going for chall 3s + diamond 5s
  12. I'll steal peoples' nice doggy!es, HELL YEAH
  13. Just gonna list off what's going on right now. ~Have a 2.9 AVERAGE GPA for 3 years of HS, right now as of year 3 I'm sitting on a 3.7 GPA - I shizzle the bed as an underclassman. ~Lotta League, I want to be a Youtube/Streamer(I have the time and the knowledge to do so) ~Was gonna go to prom, and I was gonna ask 2 girls(Obviously one being a backup incase the first said no(kind of unlikely)). Unfortunately, the first girl was taken by a friend when I was going to ask - the second girl I talk to every day, and I really liked her but my friend told me he wanted to go to prom with her, so I just helped him ask her. So yeah. I went for a walk today too, and cleared my head, it felt pretty serene listening to Wu-Tang Clan and other hip-hop for like 25 minutes. Also, have to write 2 essays by tomorrow. Both a "Modern Proposal", my topic being censorship. I really don't know a ridiculous way to emulate Jon Swift on this topic, the only ideas I had were Turn off the internet for everyone. If some people can't have it, nobody can. That's it. I actually played 07 for 2 weeks because I had a bond. It was kind of cool. Thanks for reading, much appreciated!

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