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  1. You could start playing again but it just doesn't feel the same, sure it feels a little nostalgic but it's not the same RS I fell in love with. But who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it more than I have recently.
  2. Yoszhi

    The Dark Syndicates - 90+ Fun Clan!

    Good luck recruiting, not exactly what I'm looking for but looks like a good clan (:
  3. Well I went from Rune platelegs to Bandos tassets but if I had to choose from those two I'd probably say Dragon skirt, only so I could waste the leftover cash on something stupid.
  4. I call bs until I see this list.
  5. Yoszhi

    Do You Want Free Money!

    Good luck with this money give away, I myself can make that in about 5-10 minutes in a herb run so I won't be attending but I hope you have fun.
  6. Yoszhi

    Dress Up As A Noob Today!

    I've noticed most topics do sound like bs, just making something up to start a topic is how I'm seeing it, well back on topic I don't think anyone would give junk to a lvl 109 and I cba to make a new account to try this out.
  7. I'm not gonna lie but sounds like most of you are lying lol, I got a mute while fishing at Shilo Village for saying "I eat babies" which I don't.
  8. It was at one point, and the 0 and 8 look way to alike, if they fix the 0 then the text will be alright to me, but until that doesn't happen I hate this text -.-.
  9. Yoszhi

    Worst Moment

    I don't recall my worst moment in RuneScape, but I can show you this guy's worst moment in RuneScape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QINSDHleF8
  10. Wasn't it confirmed by a Jmod about only 100 crackers are remaining? Well idk but I think Chessy is the richest, we were friends at one point but we both moved our separate ways.
  11. Yoszhi

    Lowest Skill?

    40 Farming.
  12. Yoszhi

    New Tab Pic Leak

    Maybe a new log out button? I have no clue.
  13. Yoszhi

    Updated Weapon Images Leak

    Exactly what I thought .

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