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  1. iPodMyPants

    Wilderness Agility Course

    Have fun failing the course and getting killed by revs
  2. iPodMyPants

    Ice Bursting

    Geeze, people don't mess around here <.< Probably 5 mil or so. alching is better.
  3. iPodMyPants

    Wilderness Agility Course

    wat should i get? A higher level account.
  4. iPodMyPants

    Ice Bursting

    More than you have probably.
  5. iPodMyPants

    Wilderness Agility Course

    No, you will die.
  6. iPodMyPants

    Guthan's Warspear

    Use the freaking G.E!
  7. iPodMyPants

    Slayer Task Help Needed

    Range them in the wizard tower. Your combat stats suck, so you would be getting full inventories of food for a long time.
  8. iPodMyPants

    1 Month Of Membership

    Hmm, seeing that bowstrings are worth more then flax, MAYBE IT MIGHT BE?!?!
  9. iPodMyPants

    How To Contact Jagex To Not Make My Username Sensored.

    Customer service? Durr
  10. iPodMyPants

    How To Contact Jagex To Not Make My Username Sensored.

    You can't change it.
  11. iPodMyPants

    Level 85 Mining

    Well lets see, you have been powermining IRON since level 60. I wonder where you powermined IRON.
  12. iPodMyPants


    I deal with adults much more easier then nerds. Saying your scared in a video game is stupid, saying noob is stupid. I dont think people say noob in real life, at least i hope not.
  13. iPodMyPants

    Level 85 Mining

    Mine iron.
  14. iPodMyPants


    Not quitting just cause of that stupid person, i'm quitting cause 99% of runescape is stupid people. Did you know 99% of statistics are made up? Even that one I just said? It's nice to know I know one of the 99% of the stupid people on runescape now. Learn to deal with people. That's all I can tell you or you will one day just have to quit your job when your boss gets mad at you and acts like a jackass. Yeah, cause someone will come in my work and say I'm afraid to face them 1 vs 1 in an online game. That will happen.
  15. iPodMyPants

    Rune Craft Guild

    Rune ess will help you get rune crafting up, along with a tiara.

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