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  1. Thanks :) Not sure how I'll be able to grind fletching - such an awful skill. Might stay at aquanites for 99 farming
  2. Lambertt

    Skill Competition 52 - Overall

    I'll join if not to late.
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    2. Guitarguy


      Of all the titles he could have chosen...

    3. Shooter585


      They need to make a statue of zezima somewhere.

    4. tea pls

      tea pls

      pray at zezima statue for 1337 pray points.

  3. Lambertt

    Grade 10 History

    Read the first sentence.
  4. Fake. No mention of Solomon. :rofl: In all seriousness it looks like a promising future.
  5. Looking forward to it :D
  6. Lambertt

    We Haven't had an avatar fad in a while...

    Will it constantly flip upside down?
  7. Lambertt

    Four Years Ago...

    I liked Sals back in 2008, was just to young to appreciate it :( Happy anniversary though
  8. I locked the door to my own cell...

  9. Lambertt

    Borderlands 2

    Siren still all powerful http://www.bl2db.com/skill-trees#zmo9mxx9cxxqxq Stalkers (Or anything) aren't much of a problem when I can just put them in a big bubble.
  10. Lambertt

    cya sals


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