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    The name is Sylvie. ;D I have been playing RuneScape for two years now. The past two/three months have been truly amazing. My clan, they are there for me through everything, thank god. <3<br /><br />Kiss was born on 02.25.08 [5 months~]

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    Kiss Sabre
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    The Sabres
  1. Kiss

    Do You?

    Yes, I'm always browsing another forum, blogging, or whatnot while playing RuneScape. Although I have died a few times because of random events because my attention was elsewhere. :x
  2. Kiss

    I Got 99 Attack

    Congrats on 99 attack. :)
  3. Kiss

    The Sabres- 90+

  4. Kiss

    Barrows Brothers

    Verac looks the best already, and honestly, his man skirt is hot. <3
  5. Kiss

    The Sabres- 90+

    Bump. :)
  6. The best random would have to be the Surprise Exam. Free exp is always welcomed. :) As for the worst, I can't really decide. They're all annoying to a certain extent.
  7. Kiss

    Bigest Goals?

    My biggest goal *for this summer, anyway* is to get 100 cmb. It would be quite an achievement for me, to have played for half a year by then. <3
  8. Kiss

    The Sabres- 90+

    Hey there. I've been a part of this clan for about four months now. The members are quite knowledgeable and experienced. The community we have built is very close and we always manage to have some fun. I can honestly say that I have met some of the most wonderful people who I hold very dear during my time in this clan. We really do hope that you consider joining our clan and becoming part of our family. :) -Kiss
  9. Kiss

    99 Fletching.

    Congratulations on 99 fletching! ^^
  10. Oh wow, it's so different. o_O This is going to take some getting use to.
  11. Kiss

    Have You Ever....

    Why don't you take a short break and work on a different skill instead? Your frustration is understandable. You're only 3 levels from 99, think of it that way? :)
  12. Kiss

    93 Strength :)

    Congrats on 93 strength and 100 cmb! That is so vair exciting. ^^
  13. Kiss

    W1 Riot

    They're fighting for a lost cause and being well stubborn with it. As Ganja has said, some people need to learn to live with these updates.
  14. Kiss

    Z O M G 99 :d

    Congrats! That is quite an achievement. :)
  15. Kiss

    Your Last Day Of School?

    I get out of school on the twenty-sixth, you all are lucky. :P

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