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  1. It should be noted that "reversing abortion laws" doesn't necessarily correspond to fewer abortions. If anything, the opposite may be the case.
  2. Guitarguy

    can i be extinguished member?

    i didn't leave for several years punk
  3. Guitarguy

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

    too many women these days are forgetting their place
  4. Guitarguy

    can i be extinguished member?

    don't worry, boss, i'm on it
  5. Guitarguy

    can i be extinguished member?

  6. Guitarguy

    best chocolate

    Perhaps it should be noted that every food here in America is a step up in sweetness. Our dark chocolate is probably your milk chocolate.
  7. Perfectly sized 10/10
  8. yare yare daze

    1. Guitarguy


      is that a motherfudgeing joejoe reference

    2. Adam?


      no that would be cringe

  9. Guitarguy

    Mark Your Calendars

    Obviously that's gonna be an april fool's joke idiots
  10. Guitarguy

    Runescape is no more

    I haven't even seen anyone offering to trim my armor recently. RuneScape has truly gone down the shizzleter.
  11. Guitarguy

    Juice brand for better health

    None! Even the pulpiest orange juice is nearly 0% fiber, which is the main component of actual oranges that makes them healthy. Orange juice being a "healthy" drink is pure marketing. Here's a nice video on the topic:
  12. Guitarguy


    It depends on one's circumstances, but there are still some universal truths when it comes to good investing. A notable one: You shouldn't invest in individual stocks/bonds. Why? Because if you choose to put your money into individual stocks instead of a well-established index fund, you're essentially betting that you know how to choose stocks better than the world's largest investment firms, which are armed with professionals whose entire lives revolve around making optimal investments. One investment expert (John Bogle, I think?) analogizes it to playing a game of tennis against an unknown opponent who's probably a professional tennis player, and betting that you'll win. And it's possible that you'll win, but it's a poor bet. Now, there are numerous mutual/index funds out there that will skim as much money as possible from your savings in the form of fees and non-fiduciary investment choices. These are scams. Unfortunately, they're everywhere, from television ads to even some 401(k) plans. But fortunately, it's easy to ignore them in favor of a good index fund. There are just a couple of very basic metrics that tell you whether a fund will be favorable to you. If you're given a list of options under your 401(k) plan, for example, you should—under U.S. law—be given a statement comparing them, and you need only look through the statement to find the plan with the lowest expense ratio and highest rate of return. In the U.S., there's a decent chance it will be a Vanguard plan, if offered. The only caveat I can think of to simply choosing an index fund with the lowest expense ratio and highest rate of return is that it will probably be a fund that's largely made up of stocks, which are considered risky. But if you're a 20-something who's decades away from retirement, this is fine. Even if the stock market were to crash tomorrow, it's certainly going to recover within a couple decades, and thus will be more lucrative than bonds during this time. I would even argue it's worthwhile for a young person to invest in a fund that's 100% stocks. Of course, not everyone is able to invest in these funds in general, because they may not have enough money leftover after paying for basic living expenses. In this case, property is often the only viable investment, because the monthly cost of rent may roughly equal the monthly cost of a 30-year mortgage. Indeed, this is the only way many people are able to accrue wealth in their lives.

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