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  1. Guitarguy

    Why was I IP banned?

    This keeps happening to people randomly, and then it eventually self-resolves. It even happened to me! And nobody wants me banned, of course. Right guys? Right?
  2. A More Scientific Look into A Scientific Look Into... [ Click here to read more.. ] Background The predominant view within the scientific community holds that the decline in the Sal's Realm of RuneScape forum's activity from 2009 to the present is attributable to Guitarguy's adoption of a pony avatar.[1] However, this view has recently fallen under scrutiny as experts in the field question the scientific rigor behind the study on which it was based.[2] Our investigation uncovered an alternative explanation for the phenomenon of Sal's Realm's decline in activity. Methods We conducted a statistical analysis using Google Trends data and examined major events in Sal's Realm history to determine what might have contributed to the forum's decline in activity. We took a screenshot of the Google page and edited it in Photoshop, but Photoshop was too hard so we used MS Paint. Results See Figure 1 (Figure 1). Figure 1: Figure 1. Discussion It appears that Zooey's entrance into the forums precipitated the forum's decline. Some may question the internal validity of attributing the forum's decline in activity to a single member's entrance. However, these people are wrong. Conclusion Our research suggests that, contrary to popular belief, the decline in activity on the Sal's Realm of RuneScape forums is attributable entirely to the entrance and subsequent undesired existence of the member Zooey. References Zooey et al. A Scientific Look Into [ Click here to read more.. ]: Sal's Realm of RuneScape Forums. https://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/368443-a-scientific-look-into-click-here-to-read-more/ Accessed November 2019. Guitarguy et al. November 3rd, 2019 Status Update: Sal's Realm of RuneScape Forums. https://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/profile/59235-guitarguy/?status=6480&type=status Accessed November 2019.
  3. zooey's study sucks

  4. I remember the good ole days when you could go to Lumbridge and find an account with maxed non-combat skills for sale at $5.
  5. bump (this time for a better status update)

  6. Guitarguy

    does this ever happen to you?

    we need to be able to combine emojis to fully express our emotions
  7. Guitarguy

    Runescape Fanclub Renaissance

    why am i only on there twice like some pleb
  8. Guitarguy

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    My font appears to be "Constantia," unbolded, unitalicized, size 22.
  9. Guitarguy

    what if

  10. Obviously the latter. If I didn't know when my death would be, how would I know when to blow all my money on hookers and coke? My death would probably involve one of those, actually.
  11. Guitarguy

    Gather Here Animal Lovers....

  12. I win, losers #pwned
  13. Guitarguy

    Returning Post Issues

    I've been trying to post a stupid joke topic that nobody wants, but I don't have the permission. Sal please fix

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