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  1. Guitarguy


    Making a topic for a member's birthday is a bit much, so post in this thread when you want to congratulate somebody for being born! You can view everybody who has a birthday today by going to the calendar.
  2. Guitarguy

    Yuanrang is admin

    The only way to balance this sudden chaos would be to promote me to mod. It would be an immense burden for me to bear, but alas, there is no other way.
  3. You don't need 20 minutes to pee. I don't even need 20 minutes to poop.
  4. Guitarguy

    Rasequin introduces himself

  5. Guitarguy

    Favorite Kind of Chocolate

    I like dark chocolate.
  6. Guitarguy


    you have brought chaos to my good christian suburbs i vote you #1 for die
  7. Guitarguy

    Black or Blue Pens

    Black or blue. There is no middle ground.
  8. Guitarguy

    Quick Chat Topic

    I am using Quick Chat.
  9. Guitarguy


    My signature is better.
  10. Guitarguy

    Trying to Build Useful Tools!

  11. Guitarguy

    My Introduction

    Yo yo yo!
  12. Guitarguy

    i am back

    I didn't know you were gone, but now that I think about it, it has been nice and peaceful for the past couple months.
  13. Guitarguy

    Quick Chat Topic

    Please stop that.
  14. Guitarguy

    Quick Chat Topic

  15. Guitarguy

    Quick Chat Topic

    My Attack level is 45.
  16. Guitarguy

    Quick Chat Topic

    That's low.
  17. Guitarguy

    Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

    I disagree. Forums are hard to use, suck, and only losers use them.
  18. Guitarguy

    15m xp fletching.

  19. What you're failing to account for, though, is that I have a rune LONGsword.
  20. I can't decide whom to vote for this election cycle—both of the candidates are great!

    1. Sobend


      Senility or craziness? Senility... or craziness?

    2. Yuanrang


      Either way, your reputation towards the rest of the World will be damaged for the next decade. :thumbs:


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