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  1. Guitarguy

    Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

    I disagree. Forums are hard to use, suck, and only losers use them.
  2. Guitarguy

    15m xp fletching.

  3. Guitarguy


    Making a topic for a member's birthday is a bit much, so post in this thread when you want to congratulate somebody for being born! You can view everybody who has a birthday today by going to the calendar.
  4. What you're failing to account for, though, is that I have a rune LONGsword.
  5. I can't decide whom to vote for this election cycle—both of the candidates are great!

    1. Sobend


      Senility or craziness? Senility... or craziness?

    2. Yuanrang


      Either way, your reputation towards the rest of the World will be damaged for the next decade. :thumbs:

  6. Guitarguy

    blocast episode 10

    book is done, what did I miss
  7. Guitarguy

    what do you spend your time on?

    I've found that things that don't seem "productive," such as watching TV shows or movies, can nonetheless be useful in that they enable you to have a conversation with people with whom you would otherwise share no interests.
  8. Guitarguy

    What the hell even is this mobile site mess

    You know, some of us out here WANT to both support Australian veterans and answer RuneScape questions from 2010.
  9. Guitarguy

    A Grand New Fake...

    Long ago, a since-gone forum member started a topic to construct a grand fake. The denizen of Sal's Realm's Screenshot Fakes worked tirelessly to create a masterpiece that would outshine many fakes of the time. However, much to the dismay of those involved and those who anticipated the result, the project was abandoned. Remnants of its active age were forgotten... That is, until somebody remembered it while eating cereal two days ago. I present to you, after years of waiting, DScape. Or DSscape, or something, I don't know. Spoiler'd to ensure that the animation begins when you see it. At least, I hope that's how it works. The fake's success can be attributed to all who participated in Kyra's original topic. The greatest contributors other than myself include Kyra10987 and Ewout. Smaller contributions came from Lonelywolf (im gona bill murray ur mom), Admiral, Hunter (iAntilopi), and WolfieMario and Randomness (in the form of advice).
  10. Guitarguy

    This was a good place to grow up :)

  11. Guitarguy

    99 Archaeology!!!!!1

  12. Guitarguy


  13. Guitarguy

    I would like a New Signature Please

    Disregard Zooey's inferior signature; use this one instead:
  14. Guitarguy

    Global Epidemic and Your Growing Body

    I've sacrificed my time by staying quarantined indoors, playing video games and sleeping. No need to thank me.
  15. Guitarguy

    Assassins Creed

  16. Guitarguy


  17. Onion bagels shouldn't exist.

    1. Sobend


      What is your take on the French toast bagel?

    2. Guitarguy


      I've never tried it nor even heard of it, but I approve.

  18. Guitarguy


    Testing out posting a reply to a blog post
  19. Guitarguy

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    you misspelled "Michael" noob
  20. Guitarguy


    Which halogen is an essential component of good oral health? FLUORINE. Which halogen is the most electronegative? FLUORINE. Which halogen's acidic form can burn through all organic material despite not being a strong acid? FLUORINE. I don't know why I even posted this topic, because there's almost no debate: fluorine is the best halogen. Just TRY to prove me wrong, losers.
  21. Guitarguy

    business is booming

    Remember that time we had a big elaborate April Fool's event where you were elected president, but then you decided to disappear for several weeks? Good times.

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