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  1. I play on a E-machine with a Nvidia Graphics Card, I got it for my Birthday last year.
  2. Criait

    Evolution In Runescape?

    Are you trying to say RuneScape is survival of the fittest or in other words survival of higher lvl players? Ugghh my head hurts.
  3. Thanks for a great time, I moved onto a new game called Real Life.
  4. Either way to get through a boring skill is all the same. I got from 97-99 agility by watching every movie in my house while training at the same time, it was boring to the point that I could of literally died from boredom.
  5. Criait

    Behind the Scenes - August

    BTS was deleted on the Official Forums and the RS Home Page, I wounder why they did that.
  6. Criait

    How Much Is Ur Bank Worth....

    I just checked and my bank is around 94 mill.
  7. Criait

    First Member Item

    I logged into Lumby and killed a goblin and got....a spear! I was so happy that I kept killing them!
  8. Criait

    Why I Hate Nomad

    Same thing happened to me only i managed to do a spec with ruby(e)s. Lucky me!
  9. Criait

    Magic Question

    You can note items and alch them, as for your question unstrung maple longbows are good to alch because you can make a profit from them.
  10. Criait

    Are You Kidding Me?

    My guess is they're trying to compete with WOW by making similar updates, for instance Hardee's and McDonald's having nearly identical breakfast menus.
  11. So many things I hate about this mini-skill: 1. Takes too long to lvl 2. Takes about 30-45 minutes to complete an entire floor with all the rooms 3. The token rates per rewards are outrages 4. It makes no money 5. It involves combat (if I wanted to defeat a high lvl boss I would go to GWD) 6. It's more of a mini-game then a skill
  12. Criait

    2nd 99!

    My 2nd 99! Now what? -.-
  13. Criait

    1 More Lvl!

    1 more lvl till 99 agility! -.-
  14. Criait

    Favorite Skillcape...

    Agility, I love the color blue! -.-
  15. Criait

    Taking Breaks

    I usually play an hour and take a 20-30 minute break.

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